Guy Michaels Comedy Hypnosis Show: Las Vegas Style Entertainment
Gatlinburg Attraction Gatlinburg, TN

The Bottom Line: The Guy Michaels Comedy Hypnosis Show is Las Vegas caliber entertainment that is safe for the entire family. Since the show relies heavily on the audience, you just might be the next star of the show!

Guy Michaels Show

Guy Michaels Comedy Hypnosis Show: Las Vegas Style Entertainment

If you enjoy high-quality, Las Vegas style shows, the Comedy Hypnosis show with Guy Michaels is exactly what you have been looking for. This popular show, which is currently one of the top-ranked attractions in the Smoky Mountains, is located in downtown Gatlinburg at the back of the Space Needle Arcade. The tiny Iris Theater, which only has 90 seats, guarantees a great seat and a uniquely personal experience.

At the beginning of the show, Guy Michaels invites anyone in the audience who wants to participate up to the stage. Next, he begins the process of evaluating the volunteers and choosing the ones that are going to be the easiest to hypnotize. The night we attended, he chose nine volunteers to help. When Guy was recently asked about the likelihood an individual could become hypnotized on stage, he indicated approximately 25% of volunteers are good subjects:

“This is a show about the volunteers! Although it’s often fun just to come and watch, we encourage those who come to the show to step out of their comfort zone and give it a shot! Statistically 25% of those who volunteer are in the right frame of mind to become hypnotized on stage… so the more volunteers we have the better the show is for YOU!”

During the 90-minute show, Guy and his volunteers had the entire audience laughing continuously. Without giving too much away, a few of the highlights included:

  • Two participants enjoying playing tennis racket banjos
  • Volunteers enjoying laying out on an incredible beach
  • Audience members racing away from the police in imaginary sports cars
  • Volunteer selling turkey at a beef convention in Japanese

The show is 100% appropriate for families with children. In fact, as long as your children are at least 12 years old, they are welcome to volunteer on stage.

Although the show is hilarious and I could not deny what I had witnessed, I was still skeptical of hypnosis and thought the volunteers might have been “faking.” When I told Guy Michaels this, he took the time to hypnotize me and remove all doubt. After hypnotizing me, he told me that I would no longer be able to feel pain in my left arm. Next, Guy Michaels pinched my arm so hard that his own hands were shaking. Even though I had a mark on my arm for about a day, I never felt any pain whatsoever. Incredible!

If you have always wanted to watch your spouse or parent gobble like a turkey, play an imaginary piano, or shake wildly, this is the perfect show for you. Even if you aren’t hypnotized, you are sure to laugh uncontrollably and have a great time!

Insider Tips:
The Space Needle does not have parking onsite. However, if you turn at Traffic Light #8 and continue up Historic Nature Trail, there are several parking lots within an easy walk of the Space Needle.

The Iris Theater is located in the back of the Space Needle Arcade in Gatlinburg, Tennessee near Traffic Light #8. The Space Needle is directly across the street from the Gatlinburg Convention Center.

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