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Activate Games in Gatlinburg – Indoor Activity Center That's Big on Competition
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5.0 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Activate Games is a place of fun and games. Literal games. Here, you and your traveling group can come and compete in a variety of unique games that will challenge everyone mentally and physically. Just be prepared to be split up and enjoy some friendly competition. 

- The Local Expert Team

Gatlinburg is an amazing town for outdoors lovers with its location near the Great Smoky Mountains, Douglas Lake, French Broad River, Cherokee National Forest, and so many more outstanding locations. Of course, sometimes the weather doesn’t agree with outdoor activities like hiking, rock climbing, and fishing. For those days, and when you generally want to tire out the family without going far from the city, places like Activate Games are just the right choice.

Activate Games is a unique amusement center that’s located in a bustling shopping center right off of US Highway 441. In fact, this business is tucked down a cute pedestrian walkway where you’ll also find businesses like a cute sandwich shop, a place that sells the very best jerky, and gift shops galore. But Activate Games isn’t a place that sells sandwiches, beef jerky, or cute painted coffee mugs. Rather, this place is a place you go when you want to be active and enjoy a myriad of exciting games and activities that will get your heart pumping and your mind racing.

This Gatlinburg amusement and activity center bills itself as a place that offers a unique experience that will test individuals’ and teams’ physical and mental agility through the use of high-tech games. You can go here as a small group competing with each other, or you can book the place for a party or even a coworker, team-building-style of exercise. Which does bring us to an important point, Activate Games is built to provide friendly competition. Competition with another. Thus, you will need to have at least two in your party to play with games played in group of two to five people (larger groups will be split up, but you can interchange players amidst these groups for various games).

Once you’re inside and signed up with Activate Games, each member of your group is given an electronic wristband that will keep track of scores and progress.

A few examples of the games that you can experience at Activate Games include:

The Grid looks something like a massive Dance Dance Revolution stage with over 256 pressure-sensitive tiles that blink and light up in a rainbow of colors. Players of this game will need to use agility, strategy, and teamwork in order to find the correct tiles to step on in order to make it through and successfully complete the game.

Maybe you and your group love brain teasers? If so, then you’ll enjoy the Hoops games that require players to shoot balls and score on specific baskets, but only after successfully answering trivia questions and knowing the right sequences of play.

This game at Activate Games is perfect for those who like to flex. Here, players will need to maneuver their way through a series of lasers that are constantly changing where they fall. But being flexible enough to miss the lasers is only a part of this game. Players also have to be timely enough to make it to the safety zone before the clock counts down to zero.

Insider Tips:
-As you play these games, you are going to be interacting with a lot of high-touch surfaces. Those who are understandably sensitive to such high-touch places and the potential cross-contamination they can carry should consider bringing their own sanitizer.
-Activate Games really is located within a cute part of Gatlinburg that’s home to plenty of great places to eat, drink, and snack at. For example, Little Bear Winery and Tennessee Cider Company are both a two-minute walk (or less!) from this business. Not to mention delicious places like New York Pizza & Pasta for a post-game dinner and Cookie Dough Bliss & Creamery to top off the evening with a sweet treat. In other words, leave time in your day plans to browse and dine at this Gatlinburg shopping area after your fun at Activate Games.