Ober Gatlinburg Snow Tubing

Snow Tubing at Ober Gatlinburg: Race Down One of the Smoky Mountain Region's Most Impressive Tubing Hills
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Race down an expertly-groomed hill at Ober Gatlinburg's snow tubing park. Featuring a 50-foot vertical drop and a Magic Carpet escalator, this attraction amps up the excitement of snow tubing while removing all of the hassles associated with 'typical' tubing or sledding hills.

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** Snow tubing is now open daily for the 24 Winter Season **

Ober Gatlinburg may be best known for its ski slopes, but you don’t need to strap on a pair of skis to enjoy winter thrills. With snow tubing, technique, and athleticism are of no concern; you can travel down the mountain again and again on a tubing track that has been designed to maximize both thrills and safety.

The snow tubing hill at Ober is truly a sight to behold. Spanning several lanes and 400 feet in length, this hill takes snow tubing to a whole new level. If you desire excitement, you’ll quickly find it on this hill, which boasts a 50-foot vertical drop. That being said, those who dread ‘typical’ sledding hills may prove surprisingly comfortable at Ober’s snow tubing park, which boasts exceptional grooming. Your ride may be fast, but it’ll also be smooth.

Downhill thrills may lie at the center of Ober’s snow tubing experience, but the views are also worth taking in. As you await your turn on the hill, gaze out at the gorgeous mountains that set Ober apart. The scenery differs slightly depending on when you visit. With a lengthy season typically extending between November and March, you might witness autumn colors, snow-covered trees, or the first signs of spring.

Beyond the gorgeous views and the carefully groomed track, the bulk of the appeal of Ober-based tubing lies in its method of returning to the top of the hill. Forget trudging uphill; at Ober, you’ll enjoy access to an outdoor escalator known as the Magic Carpet. This handy equipment allows you to quickly ascend so you can spend as much time as possible tubing.

Note that this is a seasonal activity, so check the website to ensure that it’s open. Advance Tubing tickets for the next season can be available to purchase online as well, and it’s recommended to purchase them early before they sell out. Ages 3-5 must ride with an adult of 18 or older, and children under 2 aren’t allowed to go tubing. Pregnant persons are also not allowed to go tubing. Sessions are roughly 90 minutes long for those wondering how much time you get to enjoy the snow in its full beauty.

No matter how you feel about skiing and snowboarding, you’re guaranteed a good time at Ober Gatlinburg’s impressive snow tubing park. Enjoy all of the thrills — and none of the usual physical toll — on this highly memorable hill.

90-Minute Snow Tubing Ticket Prices

Ages 5 and up, Sunday through Thursday and non-holidays: $35
Ages 5 and up, Friday, Saturday, and holidays: $45
Ages 3 and 4 ride free with each paid adult ticket.

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Insider Tips:
-Tubing has consistently proven one of Ober Gatlinburg’s most in-demand activities. The tubing hill tends to be especially busy during weekend afternoons and on holidays. Keep this in mind as you plan your excursion; if you visit during peak hours, you may wait up to two hours before you can even take the aerial tramway to the snow tubing area. When peak hours arrive, visitors sometimes are only able to travel down the hill four or five times during the allotted ninety minutes.
-Unlike some Ober activities, tubing typically takes place regardless of current weather conditions. Only in extreme conditions will the tubing area be closed, in which case all visitors will receive a refund. Otherwise, tubing takes place in rain, sleet, snow, or wind. If, however, you’re willing to endure a bit of less-than-desirable weather, you just might be able to avoid the crowds that tend to gather on sunny days.