Hillbilly Golf

Hillbilly Golf Gatlinburg: World's Most Unusual Miniature Golf Course
Local Expert's Rating:
4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Hillbilly Golf Gatlinburg is an unforgettable experience including an incline rail up the side of the mountain and two 18-hole courses. While the outhouses and moonshine stills are a little cheesy, the courses are fun for the whole family!

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Ever wondered what it sounds like when a golf ball bounces off the side of a dilapidated tractor before rolling into a moonshine operation? If you’d ever played 18 holes at Hillbilly Golf Gatlinburg, you wouldn’t have to wonder anymore. Hillbilly Golf is about as far from the rarified greens at Augusta National or the ocean views at Pebble Beach as it gets — but my guess is, it’s a lot less snooty and a lot more fun!

So who knew hillbillies were so into golf, or “putt-putt”? Certainly not us! You can expect “Dueling Banjos” twanging in the background as you make your way from hole to hole, passing quaint, countrified obstacles such as outhouses and stills along the way.

Oh, and did we mention that Hillbilly Golf is on top of a mountain? And that you have to play downward? So it’s really, really easy to lose your ball? Repeatedly! Seriously, bring some extras. That old John Deere on hole seven is like a black hole that only attracts golf balls. Anyway, in order to get to the first hole, you’ll take a ride in a tram that shoots about 300 feet straight up a mountainside. The kids will love it, but if you’re at all afraid of heights… just suck it up and enjoy the view of the city below, because it’s stunning!

Once you get to the top, you’ll choose between two courses. We had such a hard time choosing which course to take, as we didn’t want to miss any exceptionally spectacular farm equipment, but after some heated debate, we went to the right, instead of the left. If you want to experience both, you can for just an additional $5.99 per game.

For a mini-golf course, this is quite the challenge.  There are many obstacles and hills that will make you work to hit par. You may also be fascinated to see the incline railway that intersects with the course.  At the end of the course, you get to take another little tram ride that deposits you safely at the entrance. Which, by the way, is where the restrooms are, so be sure to go before you go, or else you’ll be stuck on top of the hill with only fake outhouse insight. Not fun.

If you are looking for “real golf,” check out our review of the Gatlinburg Golf Course.

How Much is Hillbilly Golf?

  • Adults (over 12 years) – $13.50 + tax
  • Kids (Ages 4-12) – $9.50 + tax
  • Kids (Ages 3 & Under) – Free
  • Seniors (60+ years) – $11.50 + tax
  • Military & First Responders with ID – $11.50 + tax
  • Local Residents – $11.50 + tax (Be sure to bring your ID!)
  • Group Pricing (15+, one transaction) – Adults $11.50, Kids $8.50 + tax
  • 2nd Game (3 days to apply) – $5.99 + tax with a signed scorecard

Insider Tips:
-You’ll ride an incline to the top, so be prepared to have some absolute fun with stunning sights before you hit the mini-golf course of your choosing.
-Between 8 PM – 10 PM, there tends to be a shorter line. For those folks who like to play at night, this is your best time frame.
-Hillbilly Golf closes during the winter time to make improvements to the overall courses.
-Strollers are not allowed on the course. Ask one of the Hillbilly Golf team members to help you store it in a safe spot while you play!