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Ober Rock Wall: Challenge Yourself to an Exhilarating 30-Foot Climb
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4 / 5
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Ober Gatlinburg's rock wall combines gravity-defying thrills with a hardcore workout to provide a heart-racing experience. Challenge yourself to an unforgettable trip up this thirty-foot wall. You'll come away with a rush of endorphins and a sense of accomplishment.

- The Local Expert Team

Excitement abounds at Ober Gatlinburg, where you’ll find thrilling experiences in all seasons. When winter skiing lets up, a variety of summer activities take over — including a climbing wall worth checking out. Ober’s rock wall is bound to provide just as much of a workout as your winter ski sessions, although, of course, you’ll work a completely different set of muscles.

Spanning thirty feet, Ober’s rock wall provides an enticing challenge for seasoned climbers while still accommodating those with less experience. During a single session, up to five climbers can scale the wall simultaneously, making this a great challenge to take on alongside friends or family members. Throughout your journey, a built-in belaying system will keep you feeling safe and secure. Even those who are typically afraid of heights report feeling comfortable during their ascent.

Approaches to climbing the wall can vary dramatically based on participants’ comfort level and physical fitness. Many regard the wall as the perfect opportunity to race loved ones. Others prefer a more leisurely experience involving plenty of breaks between maneuvers to rest and appreciate the height they’ve achieved thus far. Either method is perfectly acceptable.

The wall itself is similar to most other rock walls you’ve encountered — but the atmosphere makes all the difference. Ober is a beautiful and vibrant environment, where an adventurous spirit encourages those who aren’t typically risk takers to broaden their horizons. The sense of accomplishment that follows a successful trip to the top of the rock wall is truly memorable. Even if you don’t make it to the top, you’ll be proud of yourself for taking on a new challenge.

If you’re one of the lucky ones to reach the peak, feel free to congratulate yourself once you’ve ascended the wall. You just might receive a round of applause from the spectators below. From there, you can enjoy the long trip down to the ground. Rappelling is always fun, but it’s especially enjoyable after you’ve accomplished your goal.

Kids are welcome on the rock wall and encouraged to give this challenge a try — as long as they meet the minimum size requirements for the harness. This family-friendly activity especially appeals to parents with adventurous teens or preteens.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a new adventure or simply eager for a great workout, you’ll find plenty to love about the rock wall at Ober Gatlinburg. Visit exclusively for the climb or include it in a day full of exciting activities; either way, you will be impressed by this excellent addition to the Ober lineup.

Insider Tips
-If you intend to tackle the rock wall, come prepared with a quality pair of shoes. Not only are flip-flops terrible for rock climbing, they’ll get you banned from the wall. While no restrictions are listed regarding clothing, it’s best to wear something loose that will help you maintain your full range of motion.
-Single trips up the rock wall are available, but most visitors enjoy the climb as part of Ober’s basic or premium wristband.
-Keep an eye on the weather before you head for Ober. While some activities operate rain or shine, the rock wall is highly dependent on current conditions and may close with little notice.