Gatlinburg Community Center

Gatlinburg Community Center - Fitness & Fun
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5.0 / 5
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The Gatlinburg Community Center is a robust facility that offers both fitness and fun. From swimming and bowling to aerobics and weightlifting, both local residents and area visitors are welcome to take advantage of all that the center offers.

- The Local Expert Team

The Gatlinburg Community center offers a diverse array of fitness and fun. Available to both residents and area visitors, this is the perfect place for a rainy day.

If you’re looking for a place to work out, the fitness center offers both aerobics and weight lifting. The Tone Zone Gym’s equipment is plentiful and diverse, so there’s little need to wait long for a machine. Aerobics classes are offered regularly, and drop-ins are welcome at all classes. Daily rates are $5 for the gym and $4 per class.

For a more fun way to exercise, there are racquetball courts. A racquetball court can be reserved for $4 per person/hour or $40 for 15 total hours of open play during prime time. Unless you travel with racquetball equipment, you’ll also have to spend $6 on a can of racquetballs and $2 per racquet.

The pool is used by people of all ages and abilities, ranging from toddlers who need swim diapers to senior citizens who take water exercise classes. Free swim is $3 for adults or $2.50 for children under 12 and senior citizens. Dropping in on an aquatics class adds $0.50 to those prices.

The bowling center is similarly used by everyone, although visitors must come during open bowl or cosmic bowling. Open time costs $3 per game, and cosmic bowling is $9 for 2 hours. Shoes are included with cosmic bowling but cost $1.50 during open time.

Two full-court basketball gymnasiums are also on-site, but pickup games are catch as catch can. Most visitors will have an easier time enjoying a game of ping pong or billiards amongst themselves.

A few of our favorite features at Gatlinburg Community Center include:

Open Swim
Open Swim is perfect for both hot days and rainy days, as you can cool off and have fun inside. Everyone will burn off some energy when you bring the whole family to swim.

Cosmic Bowling
Go out on the town without drinking at nightclubs. Cosmic Bowling is a family-friendly way to enjoy your Friday or Saturday night in Gatlinburg.

Tone Zone Gym
Stay in shape on those days that you don’t adventure into the mountains. The Tone Zone Gym has everything you need to lift, get aerobic exercise and otherwise work out to remain healthy.

Aerobics Class
Drop in on an aerobics class, and connect with locals while also working those lungs. Classes vary, but there’s always something to attend on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning.

A classic game that combines fitness and fun, there’s a reason why every community center like this has Racquetball. Schedule a time to go with your group, or hit up open play if you’re playing alone.

Insider Tip:
Want to swim with a toddler who isn’t potty-trained? Avoid buying a full pack of swim diapers, and instead, get just one for $1.00 at the center.