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Floyd Garrett’s Muscle Car Museum

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Floyd Garrett’s Muscle Car Museum - Classic American Power on Display
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Floyd Garrett’s Muscle Car Museum showcases some of the finest American muscle cars ever produced. If you’re a fan of vintage style and high-revving horsepower, this is one of the finest collections in any one location. Come to browse on your own, or bring the whole family to pass down the classic American tradition of power.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

If a muscle car has several hundred horses under the hood, Floyd Garrett’s Muscle Car Museum is a stable of many calvaries. With an extensive collection of classic American muscle cars, this museum boasts a visual feast for anyone who loves the muscle car’s vintage style, power and speed.

The collection of muscle cars here is among the more extensive collections in the world, for the museum boasts more than 90 vehicles at any given time. The carefully curated selection spans the showroom from wall to wall, and it includes more of these vehicles than most modern auto shows attract.

Of course, such an extensive collection of muscle cars includes a wide range. There are all the common classics as well as many exotic models, and the selection spans all recent decades. In addition to the models that you’d expect from the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s, there are also a few more modern selections from the 1980s on. Even a few 2000s and 2010s might be on display when you visit.

While the showroom is the main draw, it’s not all that Floyd Garrett’s Muscle Car Museum offers. A vintage-themed area shows kids what things used to be like 60 or 70 years ago, and invokes nostalgia in adults who remember those times. Have some fun seeing how people dressed, what decor was like and playing with a jukebox. On your exit, a large gift shop that covers over 6,000 square feet offers many collectible trinkets to bring home.

Prices for the museum are affordable enough to bring the whole family. Adult admission is $11 per person, and children ages 8 to 12 are only $5. Everyone under 8, and many children under 8 love these cars is free.

The United States has a long tradition of powerful, noisy, fast and stylish cars, and many of the best ones have ended up here at Floyd Garrett’s Muscle Car Museum. Whether you want to see some for old time’s sake or to share the history with your kids, this is one place that every auto enthusiast can enjoy.

Insider Tips: 
– Even if you’ve been here before but it’s been a little while, the museum is worth a second visit. The inventory of cars is regularly in flux, so you’ll likely see some different models if you go again.
– While there’s an extensive gift shop on-site, there aren’t any traditional restaurants or concessions here. Time your visit between meals, and bring snacks for any young children who might get hungry. You don’t want to cut your visit short because someone’s too famished.