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Iron Mountain Metal Craft – Learn Exciting Metalworking Skills in Pigeon Forge
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If you’ve always wanted to make your own blades, Iron Mountain Metal Craft is the place to go in Pigeon Forge. You’ll learn from the Smoky Mountain Cowboy, Robby Bowman, whom you may have seen on the History Channel’s Forged in Fire. All ages are welcome, just as long as everyone is willing to learn and has a safety-conscious attitude.

- The Local Expert Team

Have you always dreamed of being a metalsmithing extraordinaire? Iron Mountain Metal Craft is ready to make it happen. At this Pigeon Forge metalsmithing shop, you can learn how to blacksmith and make your own blades like Robby Bowman, a Forged in Fire fan favorite. All you have to do is bring a willingness to learn and a safety-conscious attitude to get started on this incredible journey.

Self-touted as “America’s #1 most visited knife forging experience,” this metal crafting shop goes all out in teaching kids and adults how to work with metal. Whenever you come by, you get to choose your learning experience, which centers around the material you’ll turn into a knife.

The classes are for different age groups and experience levels, so it’s important to read the details before signing up. Kids under age 12 can try the nail knife experience. Older or more experienced students can make a knife from railroad spikes, pony shoes, or horseshoes.

Everyone who wants to participate must call ahead to schedule an appointment. Their beginner lessons are taught four at a time to ensure all students get one-on-one instruction and support. That leaves little room for walk-ins, especially during the busy tourist season. Since it’s a popular place to go while on vacation, try calling about a month before your visit to book your spot before the classes fill up.

On your appointment date, you’ll be warmly welcomed into the metalworking shop and meet your instructor. They’ll go over the safety rules, first and foremost, and then pass out the shop aprons. Then, the fun will begin once all the students are ready to get started.

During your lesson, you’ll get to heat the metal in the forge, pound it flat on the anvil, and repeat the process until the metal has the right profile. At the end, your instructor will complete the final shaping and sharpen your blade. At every step of the process, your instructor will help you understand metalworking fundamentals.

By the end, you’ll walk away with a one-of-a-kind souvenir and a wealth of knowledge about blacksmithing, blade smithing, and more. You’ll also get a leather sheath for your knife to store it safely on your way home and afterward.

All told, the knifemaking process takes an hour tops. You can sign up for four- to six-hour blacksmithing classes if you’d like additional instruction. These custom classes are based on your skill level and are completely customized to your preferences. They also have special events on occasion.

For example, this shop hosts a grudge match event each year where all the past Forged in Fire contestants come and duke it out onstage. Oftentimes, they have kids come up to show off their skills. Live vendors, axe-throwing events, and tasty food make for a memorable experience. It’s a must-see fall event, so put it on your calendar to avoid missing out.

Insider Tips:
-Arrive 15 minutes early to learn the rules and put on safety gear.
-Want to make your custom knife even more special? Ask about getting it laser engraved at the end of your session. It’s an extra charge, but it’s definitely worth it. They can engrave your initials or an image that you like.
-You can tip your instructors if you want to thank them for a job well done. There’s a tip jar if you want to tip everyone evenly. You’re also welcome to directly tip the people who helped you in the shop.