SkyFly Soar America

Skyfly Soar America at The Island in Pigeon Forge: The Thrill of Adventure from the Convenience of The Island
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Skyfly Soar America at The Island in Pigeon Forge delivers an immersive experience that feels like flying. During this adventure, you will be introduced to some of America's most iconic scenes and settings. Add soaring motions and an epic soundtrack — and you have a remarkable journey that will get you excited for your next vacation.

- The Local Expert Team

Discover the joy of flight at one of the most exciting attractions in Pigeon Forge: Skyfly Soar America at The Island. This immersive experience draws on state-of-the-art technology to make you and your loved ones feel as if you’ve actually ascended above the clouds.

If you’ve spent time at Disney’s theme parks, you may be familiar with the concept of this ride, which feels a lot like Soarin’. Both rides deliver gorgeous views along with the feeling of flight, so you can enjoy the best of air travel without actually leaving Pigeon Forge.

Before you can enter SkyFly Soar America, you’ll need to purchase tickets and show up early so you can board when your allotted time arrives. As you navigate the building, keep an eye out for the unique steampunk theme that sets this attraction apart. You’ll also appreciate the friendly staff members, who provide helpful guidance and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Be prepared to watch a brief introduction and safety video, which provides all the information you need to remain completely secure and comfortable throughout the ride. This video is meant to be as entertaining as it is informative, but some adventurers claim that it’s boring. Once you get through this essential, however, you’ll be ready for takeoff.

As the main attraction begins, you will lift off and embark on your adventure. If you’re expecting rollercoaster-style thrills, you might be disappointed. SkyFly Soar America is all about the visuals. On the other hand, this should be welcome news for anybody who typically struggles with the intensity of thrill rides.

Larger-than-life imagery will introduce you to majestic mountains, peaceful forests, cascading waterfalls, and more. The sights and sounds of these environments will give you a thrill like no other, while a lovely soundtrack will grant the entire experience a cinematic feel.

To make this journey feel even more realistic, the ride has added engaging elements such as a spray of mist. Small details like this immediately transport you from The Island to the many locations depicted during the ride. When you observe the final fireworks before making your ‘return’ to Pigeon Forge, you’ll feel as if you’ve actually gone on a remarkable journey.

If you crave adventure but are short on time, you’ll find the excitement you desire at Skyfly Soar America. Set aside a half-hour to observe the most stunning scenery imaginable as you soar from one gorgeous environment to the next. You will emerge feeling inspired to plan your next trip.

Insider Tips:
-Set aside plenty of time for the waiting room and the introduction video. While the ride itself lasts under ten minutes, it’s safest to plan for at least a half-hour experience. By building in plenty of time, you can avoid feeling rushed.
-Let the staff members know if you struggle with vertigo or motion sickness. Alternate arrangements can be made to ensure that you enjoy the beauty of the video without feeling sick or frightened.