Fantasy Golf

Fantasy Golf Pigeon Forge: Enter a Fanciful World of Make Believe
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4 / 5
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Playing miniature golf while on vacation at Pigeon Forge is a fun tradition for many families. While there are several courses to choose from in the area, the greens at Fantasy Golf in Pigeon Forge offer a bit more thanks to its fanciful theme and well laid out course, all at an affordable rate that makes it doable for a family.  

- The Local Expert Team

Miniature golf, which focuses on the cutting element of the traditional golf game, has been around for decades. In more recent history, though, these elements have been utilized to create a fanciful, light-hearted experience that is ideal for a family outing. In Pigeon Forge, alone, which is a hub for family fun and activity as well as family vacations, there are many miniature golf locations to choose from, each with a unique theme. However, one of the favorites that is a staple of the area is Fantasy Golf in Pigeon Forge, conveniently located in the heart of Pigeon Forge on the Parkway.

Fantasy Golf in Pigeon Forge features two separate courses, each containing 18 holes. The adventure course is aptly named as located strategically throughout the golf course are lots of fantasy creators, like a giant dragon, a water serpent, a majestic Pegasus, a mermaid, and more. On the other course, are real-life animals, dinosaurs, though admittedly haven’t roamed the earth in some time.

You are greeted right as you enter into the miniature golf course by replicas of castle walls serving as the entranceway. You enter by walking under the spherical body of the huge dragon that calls Fantasy Golf home. The courses both meander through various interesting elements, such as a huge volcano, and waterfalls featuring cerulean water that makes its way throughout the course, with streams located strategically throughout the entire course. Be sure to avoid hitting your ball into the water, as you will have to hunt it down by chasing it until it comes to a stop. Thankfully, there are guards to prevent it from getting too far away.

In addition to the fun that’s to be had by completing the golf course in the traditional manner, Fantasy Golf makes the experience that much more fun by placing spin wheels throughout the course that alters what you do on each hole. The suggestions on the spin wheel include ideas like “Upside Down” where you use the wrong end of your club to hit the shot, and “Big Ace” which allows a player who gets a hole-in-one at that hole to add two strokes to their opponent’s score, the “Blind Ambition” which means one person has to try to make the shot with their eyes closed, and many more fun ideas.

This family-friendly themed gooney golf is custom-designed to be fun for all ages. Young kids, of course, love the fanciful creatures as well as the extinct ones. The entire course has been well-designed, with many benches scattered throughout that give you a chance to sit down and rest a bit between holes or wait on a family to finish up the hole that is ahead of you.

During the heat of the summer, there are fans placed throughout the area that are designed to offer a respite from the southern humidity. In the wintertime, around Christmas, the fanciful creatures and the dinosaurs get into the spirit and will often be “decorated,” which adds another fun element to the experience.

All in all, the staff is extremely friendly, and the entire place is clean and well-kept. It is a pretty cost-effective activity to do while on vacation and since it is strategically located on the Parkway, you can easily add a round or two of miniature golf to your day’s adventures. While it isn’t as perhaps exciting as some other miniature golf experiences in the area, both courses offer fun. The layout is great and kids love all the creatures that they get to discover as they make their way through the courses.

Insider Tips:
-You can purchase either course of the two offered or instead opt for a packaged deal that will allow you to play each at a discounted rate.
-If you get a hole-in-one on the last hole you win a prize. You must have a witness though!