Array – All-New Variety Show in Pigeon Forge
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4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Array is a fantastic family-friendly show that takes place at Pigeon Forge's newest theater, the Mountain of Entertainment Theatre. This is a multi-faceted variety show that features both local entertainment professionals as well as international traveling acts, like their Argentinean gaucho dancers. 

- The Local Expert Team

Pigeon Forge is one of those communities that simultaneously stays the same and is always changing. It seems a bit of a paradox and yet, here you will find venues and locations like Dollywood and the Great Smoky Mountains that have enthralled visitors for decades, as well as new, exciting entertainment venues and hip dining spots. The Array show at the newly opened Mountain of Entertainment Theater venue is an excellent example of the latter. This is an all-new show and an all-new venue that is well worth booking.

You’ll find the Mountain of Entertainment Theory right in the heart of a bustling Pigeon Forge entertainment district, right on US 441. Within the same block are also the Titanic Museum Attraction, Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Show, and the Memories Theater. The Mountain of Entertainment Theatre is owned by an artistic husband-and-wife duo, Hugh and Chelsi Warren, both of whom have performed all across the city. In fact, for Array, their son Jace, who is also a performer, will be joining his father as premier acts in the show. Chelsi Warren currently serves as the theatre’s general manager in charge of operations. They had their big grand opening on April 23, 2023, with the variety show of Array being the flagship show.

In fact, it might be a bit underselling Array to simply call it a variety show as that term can carry some corny family tones for some. Array is a vibrant multi-faceted show that features an incredible amount of talent. Within this one show, theater guests enjoy acts by acclaimed singers, dancers, aerialists, jugglers, and much more. There’s even a set by traditional and internationally-acclaimed gaucho dancers who have come all the way from Argentina. The show is very much inspired by the globally beloved Cirque du Soliel and the now-closed Smoky Moutain Opry.

The Warrens wanted to build the Mountain of Entertainment Theory as a Christian, family-friendly addition to the local entertainment theory. As such, Array does have significant religious undertones. For example, there will be a Christian opening to the show, and within the acts themselves, there are gospel songs and other Christian-themed entertainment. Every act within the show of Array was designed to likewise be family-friendly. The Warrens have proudly stated that they have tailored this event to be appropriate and appeal to everyone from age 1 to 100.

The theater in which this business and entertainment show is housed looks and feels and, in truth, is very much in the classic theater style. The Warrens renovated the building, they did not construct new. There are about a dozen rows of seats, each featuring about 30 seats on the first floor, with a select number of seats on the second-row balcony. So not a huge theater, but its medium size offers theatergoers a more intimate experience.

The Array show has two showtimes available throughout the week. There is a matinee show that starts at 3:00 pm and an evening show that starts at 7:30 pm. Array lasts about two hours and features a 15-minute intermission for those who need to break for the bathroom, for refreshments, or otherwise take a moment to stretch their legs.

Insider Tips:
-Do not come to this show hungry. The Array and other shows at the Mountain Entertainment Theatre are not dinner shows. While the theater itself does have some refreshments available, that selection is generally what you might expect out of a standard theater, such as hot dogs, candy bars, and soda products. In other words, a good selection of snacks but not filling meals.
-Array is the big flagship show of Mountain Entertainment Theatre, but the Warrens have said they plan to include more rotating shows in the future. In July, they’ll be adding a special magic act called the Illusionation show to their line-up. This will be a matinee-only show featuring esteemed magician Jason Hudy. Hudy has worked with Disney, ESPN, and an array of other big names.