Beyond The Lens! Family Fun

Beyond The Lens: Bringing the Juiciest Gossip and Most Enticing Controversies to the Smoky Mountains
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4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Beyond the Lens is a highly-interactive and immersive experience for all ages. Pairing old-school nostalgia with cutting-edge technology, you’ll stir up forgotten memories and have a chance to make some new ones. Learn about the events and public figures who shaped our culture, and experience the games and entertainment that will shape our future.

- The Local Expert Team

Beyond the Lens, encourages us to embrace our natural curiosity. This Pigeon Forge attraction pays homage to our love of pop culture, technology, and nostalgia. Seven years of detailed planning, research, and development went into this creating this family-themed attraction that offers a little something for the whole family.

Spanning 20,000 square feet, Beyond the Lens offers something for everyone. You’ll be impressed before you even set foot in the building; the eye-catching facade features a fallen building and a huge camera in the clutches of the paparazzi. Take a photo before this impressive backdrop. You’ll continue to pose for the camera throughout your visit; highlights include photos in a space ball pit and selfies atop a pallet of money.

Inside, you’ll find a myriad of exhibits that fall under the umbrella of four main categories: crime, conspiracies, celebrities, and gossip. Highlights include exhibits detailing the JFK conspiracy, the O.J. Simpson trial, and Princess Diana’s complicated relationship with the press.

With dozens of thrilling photo opportunities scattered throughout, you’ll take those picture-perfect memories home with you. 

A few of our favorite exhibits and activities include the following:

Royals Closet
Beyond the Lens’s tribute to the British royal family has attracted its fair share of attention, but it’s not quite as scandalous as you might expect. At its core, this exhibit features a series of sliding doors and interactive walls that offer insight into one of the world’s most cherished families. A locator map demonstrates the path Princess Diana’s car took on the night she died.

Bigfoot’s Lair
At Bigfoot’s Lair, you’ll find the ultimate Sasquatch photo opportunity, as well as several interactive exhibits worth browsing. See if there is a Bigfoot sighting in your hometown with our Bigfoot finders and make sure you have that elusive picture made of you and Bigfoot himself. Imagine your friends’ envy when you show them you went to the Smoky Mountains and met Bigfoot!

UFO and Space Conspiracies Room
In 1969, a man placed his first footprint on the moon…or did he? Here is your chance to have your picture taken on the moon right next to the moon lander and its pilot. The out-of-this-world exhibit is also home to an Instagram-friendly Alien Egg Pit (really it’s a very big ball pit). This pit isn’t merely a photo op, however; it also allows you to embrace your inner child and goof off. Kids like it, but adults LOVE it!

Virtual Reality Games
Let your adventurous side out! Take a jeep ride through dinosaur-infested jungles on our Jurassic Ride. Conquer your fears and walk the plank hanging 60 stories over a teaming downtown metropolis! Become the newest cutting-edge rollercoaster designer in the world at the touch of your fingertips with Finger Coaster. Then you can relax by battling menacing robots in your indestructible tank on Robo Wars!

Insider Tips:
– Beyond the Lens offers an app to provide additional details and guidance for the attraction. Many visitors report issues with loading the app, however. It is by no means vital to enjoying the attraction as a whole.
– Eating and drinking are prohibited inside Beyond the Lens — a possible point of concern for those hoping to spend several hours exploring the many jam-packed exhibits available. Consider packing a cooler with snacks in your vehicle; if you step out for a moment, you’ll be allowed to re-enter and continue seeing all that the attraction has to offer.