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Mountain Mile Adventures

Mountain Mile Adventures-Slingshot Rentals for a Safe, Fun, Thrilling Ride!
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Mountain Mile Adventures rents the sleek, open-air roadster made by Polaris called the Slingshot. The three-wheeled vehicle is safe, and experts and fans of the Slingshot consider it the perfect cruising machine. Mountain Mile Adventures rents the Slingshot in two-hour increments, and reviews of the experience and company have been praiseworthy.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

So you’re looking for something extraordinary to do in Pigeon Forge, something that will create a lifetime of memories. It needs to be thrilling, connect you with nature, and not strenuous. Mountain Mile Adventures has such an experience.

Mountain Mile Adventures offers the sleek Polaris Slingshot you can rent to explore the sweeping roads in the Smokies and surrounding areas. The Slingshot is a three-wheeled motorcycle that looks more like an open-air roadster than it does a bike. The design of the Slingshot is cutting edge and, upon first inspection, looks like something Batman and Robin would drive.

The vehicle’s three-wheel design is very safe. The two wheels up front provide stability and turn the Slingshot. The lone rear wheel provides propulsion. Instead of a motorcycle handlebar, the Slingshot has a standard steering wheel, and the foot pedals and cockpit resemble that of a car, not a motorcycle. In addition, the front is equipped with lights and a small windshield to make your driving adventure that much more enjoyable and safe.

Passengers sit side-by-side in comfortable bucket seats that come equipped with seat belts. The low center of gravity of the Slingshot gives the driver and passenger an adventurous perspective. You’ll be 5” off the ground, which will make swooping through twists and turns an adventure you’ll never forget. The open-air design allows participants to feel the wind rushing past while enjoying the benefits of unencumbered views.

Experts and fans of the Slingshot agree that it’s the perfect cruising vehicle and that its sweet spot is the 25-50MPH range. This makes the Slingshot ideal for that sunny day when you want to explore the windy roads of the Smokies.

The Slingshot offers two drive modes: comfort and Slingshot. Comfort mode makes the Slingshot less responsive, giving you a more relaxed driving experience. Slingshot mode provides a more spirited ride by quickening throttle response and tightening steering for a direct feel.

Mountain Mile Adventures offers two Slingshot models to choose from automatic or 5-speed manual transmission. Both require drivers to be 25-years, or older and pricing is the same for both models. You can rent the Slingshot in two-hour blocks, with the most extended period being eight hours. Safety is paramount at Mountain Mile Adventures, so helmets are included with your rental price.

Mountain Mile Adventures is a newcomer to the Pigeon Forge area, so reviews are limited. To date, visitors praise the staff for being friendly, knowledgeable, and providing superb customer service. Others comment that Mountain Mile Adventures offers the best Slingshot experience in the area and hope to return for another spin around the mountains one day.

We believe that you can’t go wrong with Mountain Mile Adventures. The Polaris Slingshot will give you a once-in-a-lifetime thrill ride through the Smoky Mountains that is safe and exhilarating.

Insider Tip:
Driving in an open-air cruiser like the Slingshot can be chilly, even during the summer and especially driving in the mountains. Dress appropriately or bring extra clothing you can stash in the compartment directly behind your seat.