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HeadCase Escape Adventures

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HeadCase Escape Adventures: Find Your Way Out of Trouble for the Thrill of It
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HeadCase Escape Adventures is fun for visitors of all ages. No matter how young (or old) your party is, there is an adventure waiting to be had. Nowhere else in Eastern Tennessee will you find an interactive experience that is so intricate yet accessible. HeadCase is an unforgettable experience.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

It does not take long to figure out that Gatlinburg is an amazing vacation destination. After all, there’s something for everyone. Kids are amazed by the parks, candy making, and museums of curiosity. Adults love the scenic views, wine tasting, shopping options, and dining opportunities. One thing visitors of all ages agree on though is HeadCase Escape Adventures in the heart of downtown Gatlinburg.

Imagine walking into a room that looks as though it has been designed by a team of Hollywood set designers. Now, imagine that a story has been written in which you and your group are the stars, the protagonists who must find a way to save yourselves (and possibly, the world). You are handed a set of clues and the clock begins to tick down. Before the timer hits zero you must, as a team, determine how to save yourself.

As adrenaline courses through your system, your heart begins to beat a bit faster. And yet, you must keep your wits about you as you and your teammates face the challenge of a lifetime.

HeadCase Escape Adventures knows how to keep it fresh by adding new adventures on a regular basis. Which adventure you take is totally up to you.

Recent adventures include:

  • The Temple of the Gods, considered the most exciting archaeological find of the decade. Your job is to enter the temple and catalog the artifacts found within. Things appear to go well until someone accidentally triggers a trap sealing the door of the temple and cutting you off from the rest of the world. You are dangerously short on breathable air and your team must find a way to unlock the door and escape before you run out of fresh air.
  • The Goliath Escape Adventure. It all begins when you and your group discover a remote cabin in the forest. While it may appear to be a safe haven in the woods, this cabin holds a dangerous secret – an abnormally large man-eating black bear called “Goliath.” Unfortunately, once your group is inside the cabin you’re in Goliath’s territory and fair game for him. Using the clues, you must work together to escape the cabin and hopefully, escape Goliath.
  • Go straight-up Wild West in the Blazin’ Breakout room. You and your group are outlaws, locked behind bars (possibly for life). Fortunately, the Sheriff is called away to help wrangle cattle. You and your fellow outlaws have exactly 60 seconds to follow the clues and make a break for it.
  • Opt for the Doomsday Bomber room for a chance to stop a madman from blowing up more than two-square miles. Somewhere, located within a perfectly average-looking apartment building, is a weapon of mass destruction hidden by a rogue agent known as “Doomsday.” Your government calls upon you and your team to find the weapon and disable it before Doomsday has the chance to hurt innocent people.

These represent just four of the rooms. There are more at any given time. While the number of options is impressive, you will be blown away by the detail that goes into every room. You actually feel as though you’re in a cabin in the woods or a city apartment building. In fact, you may be hard pressed to remember that you’re actually in a lovely mountain town in Tennessee.

Insider Tips:

  • HeadCase books up in advance, so take the time to schedule your visit online.
  • If you have any questions regarding which room will work best for the size of your particular party, call ahead and ask. As you choose your adventure, take into account the temperaments of any children who will be with you. While one adventure may feel too scary, another might include just the right amount of heart-pounding adventure.