Big Top Arcade

Big Top Arcade - Indoor Family Fun in Pigeon Forge, TN
Local Expert's Rating:
4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Family friendly arcade featuring a great blend of modern and classic arcade games. Late night hours make this an ideal choice for couples' date night or a friend hang, but it's also a perfect spot to bring children if you're looking for an indoor activity in Pigeon Forge.

- The Local Expert Team

Situated on Highway 321 between a range of other awesome attractions, Big Top Arcade will catch your eye and stand out from the crowd from the moment your drive by. Featuring an old-timey carnival facade, the Big Top Arcade quickly draws patrons in with bright colors and a clear sense of FUN!

When you walk in, prepare to be a little overwhelmed by the sheer number and variety of games. From classic claw machines to modern motorcycle riding games and everything in between, Big Top Arcade has a little something for everyone.

On a recent trip to the Big Top on a rainy day in Pigeon Forge, we found it easy to pass a couple of hours and earn a few thousand points by shooting hoops, tossing some skee ball, jamming on the giant piano keys, riding the “Typhoon,” and getting totally sucked into the absolutely addictive Wizard of Oz themed coin game. Fortunately, Big Top Arcade offers some good deals on their play cards so you can get greater discounts the more you plan to stay and play.

When we needed to stop for a reset, Big Top Arcade had our back. A small snack shack offers basic packaged snacks and drinks, including Coca-Cola, Icees, and even cotton candy. This is perfect for kids of all ages who want a little sugar boost to keep going, but you’ll have to go elsewhere to find a full meal. With late hours on most nights, and even later on the weekends, grown-ups might expect to find a bar here at the Big Top, but no such luck. Pigeon Forge is technically a “dry” town, so Big Top Arcade’s refreshments are strictly soft drinks.

Finally, we must note that the customer service here at Big Top Arcade is pretty top-notch. We saw many team members going out of their way, even taking photos with families who were clearly repeat customers. It’s really quite a warm-hearted spot where you will get your questions answered and your needs attended to, not just a free for all with a bunch of games for the kids.

A visit to the Big Top Arcade is an awesome way to round out your trip to Pigeon Forge. Whether you come in to beat the heat or avoid the rain, or just are looking for a good way to spend some time together having a blast, Big Top Arcade is a solid option. Call ahead to check their website to confirm hours and rates for playing cards before you go and happy playing!

Insider Tip:
While Big Top Arcade offers a seriously impressive array of prizes to choose from, first-time players might be a little confused as to how they earn and redeem their points. Worry not! Big Top has “gone green” and is totally ticket free; all points will be loaded onto the same play card you’ll use to play the games and can be redeemed at any time.