Big Daddy’s Pizzeria – Pigeon Forge

Big Daddy's Pizzeria Pigeon Forge Boasts Wood-Fired Pizza With Smoky Mountain Flair
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4 / 5
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For the best wood-fired pies in Pigeon Forge, look no further than Big Daddy's Pizzeria. With handcrafted dough, homemade sauces, and your pick of fresh toppings, this Neapolitan-style pizza joint aims to please the whole family.

- The Local Expert Team

Whether you’re traveling to the Great Smoky Mountains with the whole family, your best buds, or a special someone, you can look forward to amazing food options for every meal of the day. When you really want to treat yourself to the best of the Smokies, head straight for Big Daddy’s Pizzeria Pigeon Forge. Located on the Pigeon Forge Parkway, this pizza joint is incredibly convenient and will easily win over your whole group with its world-class pizza pies.

We know that a slice of pizza is the answer to all of your hangry moments. But what makes Big Daddy’s Pizzeria so awesome? This pizza joint doesn’t make just any kind of pie. Big Daddy’s specializes in Neapolitan-style pies, which means you can expect a slightly crispy crust with just the right amount of chew. The one-of-a-kind brick oven helps the pizza experts — or pizzeoli — get their pies just right. They bake every pizza to perfection over a wood-fired, 550-degree flame.

You won’t find premade pizzas here, and you won’t find freezers, either. That’s because Big Daddy’s Pizzeria Pigeon Forge prides itself on making everything by hand, from the sauce to the crust. The red sauce is homemade using Big Daddy’s secret recipe, and the dough is made in-house. After pulling the handcrafter dough, the pizzeoli top each pie with your choice of fresh ingredients.

While you can definitely build your own delicious 10-inch or 14-inch pizza, Big Daddy’s Pizzeria also has its own list of amazing pies. From classic cheese and pepperoni to mouth-watering creations like Meatball Mania, Smoky Mountain Cheesesteak, and Wing It, this pizza joint has just what you’re craving.

Hungry for something other than pizza? Big Daddy’s Pizzeria still has you covered. This spot’s extensive menu also features wood-fired sandwiches like Big Daddy’s Submarine, Ham & Cheese, and Chicken Alfredo. Want to lighten up? You can do that here, too, with the House Salad or the Garden Salad. Don’t forget to save room for dessert, either. You’ll find plenty of Neapolitan-inspired sweets on the menu, like cannoli and Cappuccino Mousse Cake.

Can’t decide what to order? Feast your eyes on some of the most popular menu items at Big Daddy’s Pizzeria:

Dough Daddies
If you’re a fan of breadsticks, you’ll love Dough Daddies. These mini dough balls are rolled in garlic and parmesan cheese and baked to perfection.

Smoky Mountain Cheesesteak Pizza
A local favorite, the Smoky Mountain Cheesesteak features an alfredo base, shaved prime rib, caramelized onions, mozzarella, provolone, and gorgonzola.

Herbivore Pizza
Don’t miss this mouth-watering vegetarian pizza. The Herbivore is packed with spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, red peppers, and garlic, and topped with feta, mozzarella, and provolone.

Taco Pie
If you’re looking for a little Tex-Mex flair to complement your Neapolitan pizza, you can’t go wrong with the Taco Pie. This fun pizza features all your favorite taco ingredients: ground beef, refried beans, lettuce, and tomato, jalapeños, and cheese sauce.

Holy cannoli! Be sure to save room for a sweet treat to finish off your meal. Try a classic cannoli filled with cream and topped with chocolate chips, or go for a surprising cannoli combo like Fruity Pebbles or caramel apple.

You know the food is amazing, but what about the ambiance? Big Daddy’s Pizzeria is lined with classy retro-inspired red leather booths, making it great for dates, nights out, or dinners with the whole family. Have kids in tow? While they’re waiting for their pizza to arrive, they’ll love checking out the kid-approved arcade in the back of the restaurant. It has tons of classic and cutting-edge video games, and it’s even available as a party rental space.

Insider Tip:
Big Daddy’s Pizzeria Pigeon Forge is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. It’s busiest from 7 p.m. onward every day of the week, so plan an early dinner or check out the lunch specials if you want to enjoy your pizza without having to wait for a table.