Coffee Armory

Coffee Armory - Coffee Shop Serving Black Rifle Coffee
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4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

The Coffee Armory is the first coffee shop in the country to exclusively serve brews from Black Rifle Coffee Company. For those who take life head-on each day, the black brews and flavored lattes here have the fuel that’s necessary to keep going.

- The Local Expert Team

The aptly named Coffee Armory is the first coffee shop anywhere in the country to exclusively serve Black Rifle Coffee. With beans from the well-known and proudly veteran-owned coffee roaster, this storehouse of a cafe has the fuel that you need to keep going.

The beverages at Coffee Armory include the common and the exotic, with plenty of daily brews and espresso beverages on the menu. There’s no shame in a basic, black cup of coffee if that’s your daily habit, but you’ll also find sweet and fatty concoctions that provide an even larger boost of energy. Try the cappuccinos, lattes, or other house specialties for a sweet treat — and be sure to ask for some extra whipped cream on top.

The drinks here are available both hot and cold, and those cold ones are especially welcome on a hot Tennessee afternoon. Iced coffees, iced lattes, and much more are all made-to-order by hand and will keep you cool.

In addition to the coffee beverages, there are bagged coffee and apparel from Black Rifle Coffee Company for sale.

All of these drinks are served up in a setting where people can be proud of their culture. For those who work hard and play hard, this is the place where baristas understand what’s needed to keep going and will make sure you love your caffeinated fuel.

Whether you want a quick pick-me-up or to relaxing conversation, Coffee Armory has a good selection of coffee drinks in an inviting atmosphere. Stop by here, and you won’t be disappointed no matter what you choose from the menu.

A few of our menu favorites from Coffee Armory include:

Daily Brew
The daily brew is a simple and classic choice, and there’s a good reason why it’s remained popular for so long. Ask for whatever’s freshest, and you’ll have a piping-hot brew to doctor up as you, please.

At a coffee shop that calls itself an armory and serves beans from a rifle-named company, asking for a “shot” is a natural order. Make it a Double — as in a Double Shot of Espresso — and you’ll be ready for whatever comes next.

Canned Espresso
In a hurry? Skip the wait for a hand-crafted beverage and grab a Black Rifle Coffee Company Canned Espresso. The cans come with cream or with chocolate, and both make great drinks to go.

Like coffee but don’t want it too strong? Go with a latte, and the milk will smooth out the espresso flavor nicely. Add syrup and whipped cream for an even more scrumptious beverage.

Iced Coffee
Extra-strong coffee served over ice. Add some cream and sugar, and you have the perfect summertime treat.

Insider Tip: 
As good as this coffee shop is, it doesn’t have the biggest facility. Come here to get something for the road or spend a few minutes lingering over a cup, but don’t plan on spending hours working on a computer during busy times. The seating can become limited and crowded.