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Knox Dough

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Knox Dough — All the Cookie Dough You Could Want Without the Risk
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4.5 / 5
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If you love eating cookie dough raw, then Knox Dough will quickly become your top dessert restaurant in Sevierville. By using specialized heat-treated flour and no eggs at all, they take the danger out of noshing on all the cookie dough you could ever want. Although chocolate chip likely calls your name, you can choose between many different flavors from the 30 they rotate through all throughout the year.  

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

When a hankering for sweets kicks in, nothing beats a bowl of raw cookie dough. Thankfully, you can easily get your fix — and without the risks — at Knox Dough in Sevierville. Unlike regular cookie dough, their concoctions feature specialized heat-treated flour and never have any eggs. With this switch, they take all the danger out of raw cookie dough, giving you the green light in noshing on all you can eat.

Although they always have chocolate chip on the menu, they rotate through 30 distinct flavors all throughout the year. To experience them all, and there’s no doubt you will want to, you have to visit often. As you get a taste for each flavor, you will be marking your next visit on the calendar before you leave. You might even want to introduce all your friends to this delightful treat, just to quickly get a taste of the next flavor.

Beyond cookie dough, they also have rolled ice cream in vanilla, chocolate, and orange. To their base flavor, they add your choice of mix-ins, including cookie dough flavor. Then, over the top, you can choose from many different toppings, such as marshmallows, chocolate syrup, and cookie crumbs. You can even opt to put a scoop of cookie dough right on top of the ice cream for the best of both worlds.

Cookie dough delights on their menu include:

Chocolate Chip
When you want to enjoy rich, buttery dough filled with bits of chocolate, order up the Chocolate Chip cookie dough. If you want to spice it up a bit, you can ask for additional toppings, including candy pieces, for an extra charge. You can even order it over chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream for a one-two punch of flavor.

TN Trash
TN Trash is definitely a fan favorite, and for good reason. This dough features a ton of chocolate chips, M&Ms, and Oreos front and center, providing a triple threat of delightful flavors. If that is not enough, you always have the choice to add more toppings to your liking — for an extra charge, of course.

Lemon Blueberry Cobbler
If you need to satisfy your cravings, but cannot have dairy, choose the Lemon Blueberry Cobbler over the other varieties. This cookie dough starts with a lemony base that is infused with blueberry flavors galore. You will love the bright fruity tones and marvel at how they created the perfect texture without the dairy.

Even without all the tasty treats on tap, this dessert restaurant is definitely a nice place to chill. Upon walking through the doors, you are immediately set at ease by the peaceful ambiance. The warm welcome offered by the staff helps elevate that feeling, letting you know this is the place to relax after a long day. They even have board games and card games available to help you have a great time whenever you visit. You are always welcome to stay as long as you wish while you play games and snack on your favorite treats.

Insider Tips: 
– Even though a bowl filled with cookie dough feels decadent, the owners swear that it has just as many calories as a regular candy bar.
– They only serve their ice cream and cookie dough in one size, so bring along a big appetite if you want to enjoy it all.
– Although they have dairy-free cookie dough flavors, many of their toppings still contain dairy. Their toppings also contain wheat, eggs, and other potential allergens, so ask before ordering if you need to avoid certain ingredients.