Aubrey’s Sevierville

Local Expert's Rating:
4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Whenever you’re craving comfort food made right, put Aubrey’s Sevierville on your radar, for sure. With its farm-to-table approach leading the way, this eatery never fails to delight with its bright, bold flavors. A great selection of high-end wine and draught beer add to the magic, as does their friendly service for all.

- The Local Expert Team

When nothing else will do but comfort food through and through, get on over to Aubrey’s Sevierville. At this popular eatery, they take a smart farm-to-table approach in the creation of all their homestyle meals. Draught beer and wine round out their offerings, making it a great place to land when you want a great casual dining experience.

To get a taste of what they’re serving up, you’ll need to either order takeout or swing by to grab a table. Their friendly service makes it well worth stopping by for a full visit, as does the ability to order alcoholic beverages with your meal. You never need a reservation to eat in-house, although you may face a bit of a wait during their busiest periods.

Their delicious food and drinks are well worth the wait, however, so stick around to get a bite to eat whenever you get the chance. As soon as a table opens up, your server will lead you to your seat and help you get started with drinks and an appetizer. After that, you’re free to browse their huge menu at your leisure. Whenever you’re ready to order, have your server get your selections to the kitchen, and then get ready for the magic to happen.

Their team works hard to create the most decadent appetizers, entrees, and desserts around. Their approach starts with the preparation of the finest fresh, local ingredients from nearby farms and other trusted suppliers. Then, they use time-honored recipes to create homecooked meals to remember, like Old School Nachos, Buttermilk Fried Chicken, and Haystack Pasta.

All their dishes come out of the kitchen piping hot and in huge portions. So, you’re bound to end up completely stuffed after just sharing a single app with your tablemates and dining on your entrée. You won’t want to stop, however, after getting a taste of all the homecooked goodness they proudly serve. Thankfully, you can ask for a to-go container for your leftovers if you have to tap out early.

Stop by to sample the:

Thick Cut Potato Chips
When you want to keep it simple without compromising on flavor, start your meal with their Thick Cut Potato Chips. They create this appetizer by hand cutting their chips and then frying them until perfectly crisp. After that, they serve them up in double portions along with their signature buttermilk garlic dipping sauce.

Old Fashioned Patty Melt
The Old Fashioned Patty Melt promises to delight with its rich beefy flavors and classic appeal. To create this dish, the chef starts by hand forming the patty out of Greater Omaha Hereford Chuck. Then, they slap it on the grill until perfectly cooked before adding Swiss cheese over top. After that, the patty goes over Texas toast along with onions, bacon, and mayo. You also get your choice of one side to bring it all together.

Rattlesnake Pasta
A true fan favorite, the Rattlesnake Pasta perfectly pairs ultra-rich, cheesy flavors with just the right amount of heat. This dish begins with al dente linguine tossed in a southwestern spiced alfredo sauce. To that, they add grilled chicken, sauteed baby spinach, and green peppers. Cilantro goes all over the noodles to beautifully bring all the flavors together at the end.

All their desserts are good enough reason to come in all on their own. So, definitely do your best to save room for a sweet treat at the end of your meal. Chocolate lovers rejoice over the Chocolate Turtle Cake, although it’s the Key Lime Pie that never fails to steal the show. Their other dessert options include Praline Cheesecake, Apple Walnut Cobber, and Peanut Butter Pie. So, you really cannot lose no matter what dessert you order.

Insider Tips:
-Avoid missing out on great deals on pure deliciousness by reading through all the daily specials before putting in your order.
-You can always substitute house or Caesar salad for your basic side for an extra charge.
-You’re welcome to call in your takeout order or use the online ordering system on their website.