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Curry N More Indian Cuisine – Not Hillbilly Food
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3.5 / 5
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Curry N More is a popular eatery in Tennessee, with franchises in Nashville, Chattanooga, and Knoxville. The Sevierville location resides in a modest building, but don't let the humble exterior fool you. When you're in the mood for Indian food, it's the clear choice as the best option in town…and probably the state. 

- The Local Expert Team

Indian cuisine is one of the most popular food types on the planet, but the state of Tennessee only learned this fact when Curry N More (formally Sitar Indian Cuisine) opened. An immediate success, the restaurant quickly added franchises in several of the largest cities in the state. In 2015, the Sevierville location opened to instant acclaim and long lines.

This restaurant is unconventional by Indian food standards. The menu consists of dishes influenced by other cultures as well. The official website notes that British, Portuguese, and Arab techniques impacted their style of cooking. As such, you can order beloved Indian recipes, but you’ll also enjoy your choice of several entrees that exemplify international cuisine.

Still, the menu does have certain focuses. Lamb and seafood are at the forefront, and fans of curry and tandoori will have plenty of variants available. This branch also has a buffet if you’re in the mood to nosh rather than pick a favorite.

Here are some menu favorites from Curry N More:

Chicken Tikka
If you can only pick one entrée here, choose this one or one of the choices below that includes it. These gigantic cubes roast slowly in the oven for hours until they’re ready to serve. By the time you taste one, it melts in your mouth.

Shrimp Tandoori
The mouth-watering shrimp skewers will blow your mind with the depth of their flavor profile. The tandoori may seem subtle at first, but it’s secretly the star of the dish.

House Specialty
Chicken tandoori accompanied by lamb Rogan josh, and vegetable korma is a big meal that will leave you satisfied.

Special Combination (for two)
When you’re on a romantic date, you can share a delicious Indian meal with sizable portions of seekh kabab, chicken tikka, vegetable korma, papadum, mulligatawny soup, and lamb Rogan josh. You’re also entitled to bottomless portions of basmati rice and brown bread. It’s an adventurous date option that could pay huge dividends!

Vegetable Curry
This restaurant has a strong menu of vegetarian options, the best of which is a basic curry. The tanginess of the curry meshes wonderfully with the unexpectedly gentle sauce.

During our visits at this location, we did note that management and customer service can be lacking at times. Also, the restaurant sometimes closes early to allow the staff some downtime. To avoid being disappointed, make sure to call the restaurant before you drive over close to closing time. However, the recipes are more than worth the aggravation as its food-focused online reviews are absolutely glowing.

Insider Tips
-Many Sevierville restaurants offer discounts in travel brochures. Your hotel lobby is likely to have an entertainment kiosk that includes several such brochures. You can decide where you want to go, what you want to eat, and what you want to do. Then, look for discounts applicable to your itinerary.
-Since it’s a Tennessee institution, Sitar Indian Cuisine often participates in local programs such as school coupon books. You may find a discount or even free food coupons available when you buy one of these books. Since the likely cost is $10-$25 for the coupon book, however, make sure that you’ll use it enough to justify the upfront cost.