Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse – The Best Roadhouse Around
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

According to Consumer Reports, Texas Roadhouse is one of the best steak restaurant chains in America. When you eat at the Texas Roadhouse in Sevierville, you'll get Texas-sized portions at Rhode Island-sized prices. It's one of the best and most reliable family steak restaurants in the country.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Starting in 1993, Texas Roadhouse has catered to the steak lover market, offering generous slabs of meat to guests with hearty appetites. Originally founded in Louisville, Kentucky, the appeal of this chain has led to new franchises in every state but Hawaii. With 450 locations, the restaurant is a known commodity, although it was recently ranked the most underrated chain in America.

When you eat at Texas Roadhouse Sevierville, a few things will happen: you’ll see some kitschy cowboy paraphernalia on the walls, you’ll be serenaded with country music and dancing whether you want it or not, and you’ll walk over a floor full of peanuts. The restaurant provides free peanuts and then encourages guests to throw their empties on the ground. It’s charming in a drunken cowboy sort of way.

The food at the Texas Roadhouse in Sevierville is humble but hearty. No one’s putting on airs in the Texas Roadhouse kitchen. It’s peasant food done well. The majestic portions are the special bonus on top of rich flavors making the appeal of Texas Roadhouse easy to understand. It’s a great meal at a reasonable price, a rarity in the steakhouse industry. In a popular tourist area like Gatlinburg, this restaurant is a tremendous value.

Here are some menu favorites from Texas Roadhouse:

Roasted Peanuts
They’re free, and they’re fantastic. Your server will deliver a heapin’ helpin’ of these peanuts, with free refills available on request. Chew them up and then toss the shells on the floor. It’s a time-honored tradition.

Yeast Rolls
This bread is also complimentary, and it’s so popular that the server will grab a set of four before taking you to your table. Try it with the accompanying butter and prepare to have your taste buds smile.

Combo Appetizer
You’re going to pig out here. Accept and embrace that fact. The combo appetizer features Tater Skins, Rattlesnake Bites, and BBQ wings. It’s a 1,500-calorie appetizer, so bring plenty of friends!

Chicken Critters
The chicken options here are varied and impressive, but the fried critters are the finest. Served with a savory dipping sauce, these oversized chicken pieces fill the plate. I generally get two meals out of one order.

Bone-In Rib Eye
The Cadillac of Texas Roadhouse steaks, it’s a 20-ounce serving that could satisfy even the hungriest carnivore.

Insider Tips:
-The official website frequently offers deals on Texas Roadhouse gift cards. When you purchase a set amount like $30, you get an additional $5 added. These deals are prevalent around the holidays.
-Texas Roadhouse also has special nights wherein all the proceeds go to charitable endeavors such as St. Jude’s Hospital or hurricane relief. While these offerings won’t save you money, you will feel like your purchase does some good in the world.
-Many student coupon books include discounts and free entrees at Texas Roadhouse. You can use these coupons at any franchise, but anything that includes complimentary food in a tourist area is better value. It’s another way to maximize your savings.