Top 10 Unforgettable Photo Spots in Sevierville, TN

Social media fans, rejoice! Your time documenting your Sevierville vacation won’t be wasted. Countless photo ops here, both in and around downtown Sevierville, are just begging to be photographed–from the famous Dolly statue in the town center to panoramic mountain views just outside of town. Whether you want to share the breathtakingly picturesque parts of your trip with your Instagram followers or just document some of the loveliest backdrops Sevierville has to offer, we’ve got the deets.

1. The Dolly Statue

This one tops the list for a reason. It’s easily one of Sevierville’s most Instagrammable locales, and tourists stop here for photos in a near-constant stream during peak travel months. The Dolly Statue has also become a sort of welcome icon for the city of Sevierville itself; Dolly Parton fans from around the world venture here to take in area’s history, and her smiling statue greets everyone as they drive into town. You’ll find Dolly happily strumming her guitar at the corner of Court Street and Commerce in downtown Sevierville.

2. The Courthouse

The Sevierville County Courthouse features some gorgeous architectural details. A Beaux Arts style building completed in 1895, the large building features curved windows, detailed brick and stonework, and a gorgeous clock tower, all beautifully photograph-able.  The Dolly Parton statue is on the courthouse grounds, so it makes sense to snap a few shots while you’re there.

3. Doorways on Court Avenue

Looking for the perfect spot to frame a posed shot? Doorways are popular among fashion bloggers for a reason: they frame the photograph effortlessly, and historic doorways tend to offer plenty of texture, color, and visual interest to add to the photo without detracting from your model, who naturally takes center stage. Court Avenue’s historic storefronts are rife with gorgeous doorways that make stunning photo ops.

4. Courthouse Donuts

This is another storefront with a fabulous aesthetic. The bench out front is the perfect spot for a lifestyle or group shot; windows are always tastefully decorated, and you’ll get flowers and flags on the street, along with the textures of brick, glass, and sidewalk. It’s a quintessential old-town view of the city street, improved by the presence of some of Sevierville’s best donuts. Make sure to grab a few when you’re through snapping your shots.

5. Morton’s Overlook

Morton’s Overlook is a scenic stop on Hwy 441. Though it’s about an hour south of Sevierville, it’s worth the (scenic) drive. At an elevation of 5,048′ above sea level, this stop offers one of the best views of the Smokies. From here, you’ll enjoy spellbinding views of both North Carolina and Tennessee, and if you time your visit right, you can also see the sparkling lights of Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg as well. This is a favorite spot for landscape photographers, tourists, and Instagrammers alike.

6. Newfound Gap/Newfound Gap Road

Another gorgeous photo op with stunning landscape views, Newfound Gap is located just about a mile from Morton’s Overlook on 441. The Appalachian Trail passes through Newfound Gap, so you might see a through-hiker or two. Although the views from this spot are always gorgeous, the misty blue mountains are particularly spellbinding during morning and evening hours. Hwy 441/Newfound Gap Road often close due to snow and ice during the winter, and they tend to get far more snow than the lowland areas below. But when the road is open, the entire drive offers scenic mountain views.

7. Clingman’s Dome

Another spellbinding spot just about an hour from Sevierville, Clingman’s Dome is the highest spot on the Appalachian Trail–and of all the local overlooks, this one offers the best view of the surrounding mountains. On a clear day, visibility stretches as far as 100 miles and 7 states. Clingman’s Dome is an elevated observation tower, half in Tennessee and half in North Carolina, located 1/2 mile from the parking area up a paved (but somewhat steep) trail. From the top, you can walk all the way around the observation area to take in 360-degree views of the Smoky Mountains.

8. Titanic Museum

Exterior View of the Titanic Pigeon Forge Museum

Photo: @southernpostage

Take a photo with a huge replica of the ill-fated ship, and you’ll win Instagram gold. Just fifteen minutes from downtown Sevierville, the Titanic Museum enjoys thousands of 5-star reviews for good reason: it’s gorgeous from the outside, thanks to the full-size ship replica and ticket booth. But the photo ops don’t stop when you walk inside; you’ll find replicas of staterooms and dining halls in the ship’s interior, complete with stunning architectural details and lavish appointments that match those that were on the original Titanic. Enjoy taking a walk through history and get some spectacular shots at the same time.

9. Laurel Falls Trail

If you’re up for a short hike, the bridge at Laurel Falls Trail is a natural choice. This 2.5-mile paved hiking trail offers picturesque views along its entire length, thanks to the many wildflowers and evergreen shrubs. The rustic stone and rough-hewn wood bridge makes a particularly gorgeous photo stop. An 80-foot waterfall at the end of the trail makes a stunning conclusion to the hike, particularly in the summer and fall.

10. The Victoria Mall Arcade

An attractive passageway connecting foot traffic on Court Avenue to the rear parking area on Sevier County Bank, the Victoria Mall Arcade is an unlikely but lovely spot for a posed photo or a group photo with friends. With a brick walkway underfoot and attractive sconces lining the walls, you’ll get atmosphere galore and a perfect backdrop for your selfie or portrait.

Looking for more ideas? Try looking for cabins with mountain views, hit up more of the area’s scenic overlooks, or just explore the area on foot with an eye out for the best spots season by season. The Sevierville area is so stunning that you’ll find gorgeous photo ops no matter when you visit. Just make sure to put your phone down enough to take in the sights without a lens on occasion!