Shopping in Sevierville, TN: A Shop Til You Drop Guide

The Smoky Mountains might evoke images of beautiful vistas and Appalachian traditions, but there’s more to the region’s charming towns than you might suspect at first glance. Hardcore shoppers, in particular, are often surprised by the variety of stores situated throughout the region. Malls, outlets, and specialty shops — everything you need is just a short walk or drive away. Sevierville, in particular, is home to a surprising array of stores, offering virtually every kind of product imaginable. The following shopping destinations are among the best of the best:

Tanger Outlets

As Sevierville’s premium outlet center, the Tanger Outlets are known throughout the region and beyond for their vast variety of stores — and the great deals that can be found there. Whether you’re on the hunt for clothes and accessories from top brands or unique gifts not available elsewhere, you should have no trouble finding at least a few stores that check all the boxes on your to-shop list. Favorites include Kate Spade, the Nike Outlet, the Disney Outlet, and The Fudgery. Several excellent restaurants are also located onsite, as is a mini-golf course that will keep kids entertained during a long day of shopping.

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Governor’s Crossing Outlet

There is more than one outlet mall in Sevierville, but the Tanger Outlets tend to attract the most attention. If you’re on the hunt for a hidden bargain, however, you’ll also want to hit up the Governor’s Crossing Outlet. There, you’ll find plenty of excellent stores that stock virtually everything you need. Don’t hesitate to hit up Jo-Ann Fabrics for crafting items to supply your next big project, or Shoe Carnival to score huge discounts on brand-name footwear. You may need to walk quite a distance between stores, but there’s no better way to hit your daily step count.

Sevier Plaza

Home to the beloved Ollie’s Outlet and Roses Express, Sevier Plaza is a great place to score a steal on anything from fresh flowers to closeout merchandise. This shopping center may not be well-known, but it’s definitely worth checking out. Here, you can easily escape the crowds that frequent some of Sevierville’s other shopping areas — and as a result, you’re more likely to enjoy a peaceful, laid-back shopping experience. Don’t forget to pose for a picture with the statue of Ollie, which can always be found waving near the exit.

Smoky Mountain Knife Works

The staff members at Smoky Mountain Knife Works regularly boast that their store is home to the world’s largest knife showplace. This specialty shop certainly carries a vast collection, complete with kitchen cutlery, military surplus, toys, and, of course, every kind of knife you can imagine. Several of these are displayed in museum fashion, making Smoky Mountain Knife Works feel at times more like an exhibit than a store. This is not the place to visit if you’re in a hurry; you’ll want to set aside at least an hour or two to savor the experience. You’ll find several excellent photo opportunities throughout the store, so don’t hesitate to bring your camera or smartphone along for the journey.

Amish Creations & Country Market

Handmade items abound at the Amish Creations & Country Market, where you’ll find a variety of novelties created in the Amish communities of Ohio and Pennsylvania. The prices here are more than reasonable, especially given the exceptional quality of the products on display. Crafts and crafting supplies are especially a big deal here. Whether you’re looking forward to an upcoming project or simply need a little inspiration, you’ll definitely want to stop by. At a minimum, be sure to grab some of the shop’s delectable food products, such as jam, beef jerky, and candy.

Happy Hippie

Indulge your inner hippie at this unique store, which stands apart as the only shop of its kind in Sevierville. The family-owned and operated shop instantly feels welcoming, with people from all walks of life encouraged to stop by to browse or chat. The staff members are happy to answer any questions you may have about the vast array of items in stock. The store will quickly become your Sevierville go-to for CBD products, soaps, incense, and tapestries.

Heartland Antiques & Collectibles

Antique shopping feels a bit like stepping into a history museum — except you can take the exhibits home with you. You’ll find plenty of hidden treasures at Heartland Antiques & Collectibles, including not only highlights from your childhood but also items your parents or grandparents might recognize. Open seven days a week, this two-story structure is chock full of fun finds, including several pieces of period furniture that are rarely seen elsewhere in the area.

LeConte Volunteer Thrift Shop

If you love thrift shopping, you’ll adore Sevierville’s LeConte Volunteer Thrift Shop, which is operated by volunteers for the LeConte Medical Center. The volunteers at the store are unfailingly kind and welcoming. They are clearly passionate about their work and eager to help visitors find the products they desire. Most of the items on display have been gently used, although they’re typically in excellent condition. Occasionally, products can be found with the original tags still attached. Take some time to sift through the options in search of a great deal — you never know what you’ll find.

Russell Stover Retail Store

Located just outside of Sevierville in nearby Kodak, the Russell Stover Retail Store is a chocoholic’s dream come true. The vast shop has clearly earned its outlet label, as its prices are far better than anything you’d find at the grocery store or your local confectionary. The blooper section is especially worth examining, as it features all kinds of delicious candies steeply discounted due to minor defects. If you stop in after the holidays, you might also find several seasonal items on discount. Samples are regularly available but will leave you wanting more. Don’t hesitate to stock up on caramel apples, fudge, and saltwater taffy. You might struggle if you’re trying to maintain a strict diet, but you’ll find at least some consolation in the huge sugar-free section.

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From knives to chocolates and even CBD oil, you really can find it all in the shops of Sevierville. Retail therapy is just one shopping expedition away!