Solo Adventures in Sevierville | Guide to Traveling Alone

As a uniquely versatile tourist town, Sevierville appeals to couples, families, and groups of friends. But what if you crave a solo adventure in which you call the shots?

Good news: you’ll find plenty of Sevierville attractions that are entertaining enough to keep you occupied without company — and safe enough that you don’t need to worry about venturing out on your own.

As you begin planning your ultimate Sevierville solo trip, keep the following suggestions in mind:

Stick With Safe, Well-Traveled Hiking Trails

From short paved paths to rugged treks, Sevierville’s hiking scene offers a little of everything. If you’re a hardcore hiker, you might be tempted to tackle it all on your own.

You love the idea of hiking at your own pace and entering your own world, free of distracting chatter. As fun as that sounds, solo hiking can be risky. This is especially true around Sevierville, as the area’s most exciting trails feature obstacles that trip up even athletic, outdoorsy types.

You may be confident in your skills, but the last thing you need is to get hurt and suffer on your own for hours because you neglected to bring a friend.

Thankfully, it’s possible to hike safely without companions. The key to accomplishing this? Opting for well-trafficked trails that are just quiet enough to give you alone time and just busy enough to ensure that somebody will be around to help in the worst-case situation.

These requirements might seem specific, but several local trails fit the bill:

  • Sevierville Greenway. Located in the heart of Sevierville, this trail is easy to access. It’s not the region’s most exciting path, but it still offers plenty in the way of scenery and ambiance. If you’re short on time, stick with the West Prong Greenway, which features lovely scenery along the water’s edge.
  • Cedar Falls Nature Walk. A top amenity at the Cedar Falls Resort, this peaceful trail crisscrosses a creek while offering picturesque views. The rocks can be slippery at times, but the trail is otherwise safe enough to appeal to solo hikers of all fitness levels.
  • Twin Creeks Trail. Although it’s technically located in Gatlinburg, Twin Creeks Trail is a worthy destination for your solo hike. From water features to ruins, it offers plenty to pique your interest when you’re unable to make conversation.
  • Little Greenbrier and Little Brier Gap. A little over half an hour of driving will take you to a series of short trails that provide picturesque views of wildflowers, as well as glimpses of historic sites such as the Little Brier Schoolhouse and the Walker Sisters Place.

Be sure to bring plenty of maps and water. Fellow hikers can help in a pinch, but thorough preparation will ensure that you’re both safe and comfortable for the entirety of your adventure.

Other Great Options For Exploring Sevierville

Hiking may be a go-to option for exploring the Sevierville area on your own, but it’s by no means the only solo activity available. While some local attractions are best saved for family outings or date night, the following are excellent options for making the most of your blissful alone time:

  • Grab a coffee or a full breakfast at a local cafe. While hanging out at a cafe can be fun with a friend, there’s something special about enjoying a leisurely visit on your own. Sevierville has a few great options that allow you to relax with a cup of coffee and a pastry, or, if you prefer, a heartier breakfast. The Mountain Chick Cafe, for example, has a delightful atmosphere, complete with a bookshelf that is chock full of titles worth exploring as you sip on your morning cup of Joe. The Wildflour Bakehouse is also worth checking out, especially if you’re in the mood for a gigantic cinnamon roll.
  • Visit the King Family Library. Whether you gaze at it from outside or head in to browse the vast selection of books, you’ll have a wonderful time at the Sevier County Library’s flagship location.
  • Go shopping at the Tanger Outlets. Sometimes, shopping is way more fun on your own. While Sevierville is home to several amazing shops and boutiques, the best can be found at the Tanger Outlets, where you can explore as leisurely as your heart desires. Load up on outdoorsy apparel at The North Face or check out the fashionable items at J.Crew and Michael Kors.
  • Search for antiques. If you have an eye for vintage, you’ll be pleased by the selection at Sevierville’s top antique stores. Key destinations include Heartland Antiques & Collectibles, Action Antique Barn, and Green Olde Deal Antique Mall. Take your time to sift through treasures at your own pace — unimpeded by impatient spouses or unruly kids.
  • Visit a winery. While wine tasting is typically thought of as a romantic date or fun girl’s night excursion, it can be even more pleasant when you’re on your own. Where better to explore than in and around Sevierville? Let the Rocky Top Wine Trail act as your guide. You won’t regret stopping in at such favorites as the Hillside or Apple Barn wineries.
  • Go birdwatching. Head to nearby Kodak to check out Seven Islands State Birding Park, which was specifically designed for viewing feathered friends. Diverse habitats provide a wonderful home for over 180 different species. Pack your binoculars and a birding guide — you’ll be entranced by the beautiful birds you find at this park and throughout the Sevierville area.
  • Grab your camera and take pictures of regional landmarks. Nature photography is a big deal in the Smoky Mountains. It takes time to catch the best shots, however, so you may be better off setting out on your own. You’ll find plenty of places to take pictures within the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, of course, but hidden gems such as the Harrisburg Covered Bridge also warrant visiting.

Some of the best Sevierville experiences are enjoyed alone. Get started on your solo itinerary today. You’ll never regret exploring Sevierville with the ultimate companion: yourself!