Your Guide to the Top 5 Dinner Shows in Sevierville, TN

When you want to enjoy the absolute best foods while having the time of your life, you can count on dinner shows in Sevierville, Tennessee, to come through in a big way. Promising big laughs, awe-inspiring entertainment, and an overall raucous good time, these shows come complete with a meal to remember. You can fly solo or bring all your friends and family, just as long as you’re ready to laugh it up, ooh and ahh, and chow down to your heart’s content.

Not sure where to find the best dinner shows around? Check out this list of the top five Sevierville dinner shows, and then book your seats right away to avoid missing all the action.

The Comedy Barn Theater

When you want squeaky clean comedy without compromising on the laughs, jet on over to a show at The Comedy Barn Theater. For over 25 years, they’ve proudly kept their all-ages crowds giggling up a storm without a hint of bad behavior.

From kids and grandparents to preachers and schoolteachers, everyone can get in on the fun without getting offended. Their creative jokes and silly antics are always hilarious, giving you plenty to talk about well after leaving the show.

Although they don’t serve dinner table-side, you can hit the concession stand to grab all your treats before the show starts. They have pizza, funnel cakes, and everything in between, including hot, buttery, and awesomely salty popcorn made to perfection.

All their shows start at 8:00 PM on the dot and run for two full hours of fun. You can either grab dinner before coming by and snack up a storm or arrive with an empty belly, so you can fill it with pizza and so, so much more.

The Grand Majestic Theater

With every show they run, The Grand Majestic Theater manages to turn back time while keeping everyone on the edge of their seats in anticipation of what comes next. You’ll hear amazing music from yesteryear, listen to stories from the good old days, and even get to see timeless magic tricks.

They regularly have at least six shows on the books, all of which run at various times throughout each week, including:

  • Soul of Motown
  • Hit Parade
  • Hazzard Hoedown
  • Magic of Terry Evanswood
  • Starlight Drive-In

Beyond all those shows, they have many holiday performances that highlight the reason for the season and bring everyone together.

As a full-scale dinner theater, this venue serves up hot food and cool drinks to order all throughout each performance. You can order appetizers, signature drinks, and other delights from their menu.  They also have classic concessions if you prefer to snack on popcorn, roasted nuts, and candy instead.

Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show

If you’d like to see daring feats and follow a gripping storyline while you nosh on great food, then you absolutely need to check out the Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show. The legendary Blackbeard promises to take you on an exciting voyage across the high seas in search of hidden treasure as you dig into your four-course meal. All throughout the show, you’ll get to see the crew get into memorable battles, encounter gorgeous mermaids, and so much more.

As if all that is not enough, you also get an incredible feast featuring:

  • Pan-fried chicken
  • Sugar-cured ham
  • Herb-basted potatoes
  • Vegetable soup
  • Hot, buttery biscuits
  • Corn on the cob

Then, at the end of your meal, you’ll get a peach turnover filled with fresh fruit to finish your dinner off right. You can even get a special vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or dairy-free meal upon request if you let them know when making your reservations.

Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Feud

At the Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Feud, you get to see family drama at its finest – all without having to worry about playing mediator later on. As these two families get together on stage, you’ll get to see them demonstrate feats of strength, amazing stunts, and comedy routines while squabbling it out like pros. You’ll even get to see the hillbillies and their dogs dive into the swimming hole and show off their talents.

As you watch the chaos play out, Granny’s country cooking will keep you feeling right at home. Served family-style, their southern homestyle feast comes with fried chicken, barbecue pulled pork, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, creamy soup, and coleslaw.

The hot homemade bread lets you sop up all the flavors and enjoy them all over again once you’re almost finished. Just make sure to leave room for Granny’s Famous Specialty Dessert or risk missing out big time.

Lumberjack Feud Show

If daring acts and sheer feats of strength are right up your alley, you’re going to love the Lumberjack Feud Show. For one and a half hours, you can watch as talented lumberjacks come on stage and battle it out for the crowd. As you relax in the climate-controlled grandstands, you can watch in awe as they chop down trees, saw logs, and even joust on the water.

You can then skip on over to the Lumberjack Square to eat at one of the four restaurants right on site:

  • Five Guys
  • Smoky Mountain Brewery
  • Harpoon Harry’s Crabhouse
  • Calhoun’s

No matter which one you choose, you’re bound to walk away feeling wholly satisfied. Just don’t eat too much if you want to try your hand at the feats of strength at the adventure park. Otherwise, you could get bogged down as you try to run across logs, climb into the sky, and otherwise strut your stuff.

Now that you know where to find the top five dinner shows in Sevierville, Tennessee, you can hit the town and have an amazing time. Just be sure to check out each one to sample all their downhome good cooking and entertaining acts of all kinds. Once you settle on your favorites, you can come back time and time again for even more laughs since every show is better than the last.