Where to Find Tasty Tacos in Sevierville, TN

Sevierville is well-known for its down-home, comfort food restaurants, where you can find huge portions of all your favorite meals. When you’re in the mood for tacos, however, you don’t need to do without. No, this is not the main type of cuisine you’d think of when imagining top eats in Sevierville, but there are plenty of excellent options nonetheless. Below, we’ve highlighted a few of Sevierville’s finest, where you’ll find not only amazing tacos, but also, margaritas, nachos, burritos, and all the chips and salsa you could possibly eat.

El Paso Mexican Restaurant

El Paso Mexican Restaurant has a strong reputation in Sevierville, and for good reason: The salsa bar alone would make this restaurant worth visiting, as it gives you the unique opportunity to try several types of salsa. The bean dip is also excellent, so you could easily fill up on salsas and dips before getting around to the tacos.

Steak and fish tacos are among the best offerings on the menu, but there are plenty of other interesting options worth checking out, such as enchiladas and burritos. Visitors regularly leave rave reviews for the micheladas, which can elevate any meal. Any time calls for a visit, but the lunch menu is especially impressive — this is when you can score great deals on tacos and taco salads.

Taqueria Don Marco’s

Photo Credit by @taqueria_don_marcos on Instagram

Huge portions are to be expected when you visit Taqueria Don Marco’s, which is also known for its friendly service. This restaurant should not be confused with Don Marco’s Kitchen, which serves several Italian dishes in addition to Mexican fare. The tortas and gorditas are some of the clear highlights on the menu, but tacos are always a safe bet.

The interior is incredibly casual, even as compared to many of Sevierville’s other laid-back spots — but don’t let that stop you from visiting and ordering authentic eats. The handmade tortillas definitely elevate the already spectacular tacos, and, while the salsa is too watery for some, there’s no denying that it’s flavorful.

El Machete Mexican Bar and Grill

Photo Credit by @elmachetebarandgrill on Instagram

Although it’s situated within one of Sevierville’s more touristy areas, El Machete Mexican Bar and Grill has local vibes and great service. As with many of the town’s top establishments, you can expect complimentary chips and salsa, plus huge portions that call for leftovers. The guacamole is delectable but it will be tough to pass up the creamy cheese dip. The salsa may not be as spicy as the offerings at other local restaurants, but some visitors find it heavy on the cilantro. Order the street tacos and you won’t be disappointed.

La Carreta Mexican Restaurant

Photo Credit by @lacarretamexnc on Instagram

You will love the charming interior as soon as you set foot in Sevierville’s La Carreta Mexican Restaurant. This local fixture provides several types of tacos on its large menu. You can’t go wrong with the street tacos, although the fish and fajita-style tacos are also worth a try. There are also plenty of dinner combinations that incorporate tacos — always a great option when you want to try multiple specialties. The margaritas tend to be strong, so be prepared to hang out and savor your meal before you head out.

Tequila Spice Mexican Grill and Cantina

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Low-key in the best possible way, Tequila Spice Mexican Grill and Cantina offers relaxing vibes in a setting that always feels welcoming. Fajitas are a favorite here, but you’ll definitely feel compelled to try the tacos. The carne asada tacos are especially delicious, as they feature a memorable tomatillo sauce and can include delectable charro beans if you desire. Tequila Spice’s tacos are also available with chorizo or al pastor — with pineapple and Mexican-style steak. There are also simple tacos on the children’s menu and festive margaritas for the adults.

Pollo Loco

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Swift service and friendly vibes set the Pollo Loco experience apart. Yes, this location is definitely off the beaten path — but that’s part of the appeal. This is where you head to experience a taste of authentic Sevierville while also avoiding the crowds that so commonly descend on the town’s better-known restaurants.

The complimentary chips and salsa are so wonderful, you might not have an appetite left by the time your tacos arrive. Still, you’ll want to set aside room for at least a bite or two, as these are seriously favorable. Pork, chicken, and steak tacos are all great options, but the Mexicano’s version could be a surprise hit if you love cilantro.

Cancun Mexican Grill and Bar

Embrace the Cantina experience at this spectacular restaurant, where the margaritas are even more popular than the food. The atmosphere is always vibrant and, while this location can get busy at times, the service is always amazing. The menu is vast, so be prepared to examine dozens of options before you eventually settle on tacos. Even the kid’s menu is sizable, but the children’s taco is a great option even for picky eaters. Adults will definitely want to treat themselves to margaritas — and everyone will be excited to fill up on chips and salsa.

There is no shortage of Mexican cuisine in and around Sevierville. While their menus differ considerably, all are charming in their own unique way. Take a break from the usual Sevierville eats and enjoy an authentic meal in a festive environment.