Make a Splash in Sevierville: The Top Water Activities in Sevierville

When it seems like there’s no relief from the heat of the sun and the humidity of the air, it’s worth the effort to plan a little trip where you can still be outdoors without feeling uncomfortable. But if you’re visiting the Smoky Mountains, you won’t actually have to wait for the mercury to start rising in your thermometer. Being in (or at least on) water any time of year gives you a chance to shake off the oppressive temperatures and jump into some fun. If you’re in the Sevierville area, it’s time to check out the following water activities.

Wilderness at the Smokies

Pink and Yellow Water Slide at Wilderness at the Smokies

Wilderness at the Smokies is an indoor waterpark that’s open year-round, but it offers more than just summer activities in February. Take a ride 55-feet down through a dark tunnel on the Storm Chaser Thrill Ride in the summer or go ice skating in the winter. If zero-gravity freefalls and sharp blades aren’t your thing, there are rolling waves, bodysurfing simulators, indoor tube slides, and a hot spa. This resort is perfect for both kids and adults because it was built with all ages in mind. The youngsters can get all their energy out in the water while the adults can relax in 1,000 square foot hot tub. This place was built with the sun in mind, even in the darkest of days. No matter how bad the weather gets, the inside invites everyone to remember that springtime is around the corner. Plus, the see-through roof lets the rays in so you can tan in the middle of January.

Outdoor Gravity Park

Photo Credit: @cole_carleton

Diving or jumping into any body of water can be an amazing experience on its own, but sometimes you want to get a new perspective on the situation. If you’re looking for something a little unusual, the Outdoor Gravity Park combines 10 gallons of water with up to three people, and the result is a mess of pure joy. Originally hailing from New Zealand and dubbed zorbing, it’s an experience unlike any other. With zorbing, you fall head-first into an inflatable ball large enough to fit you (and up to two friends) into. The 11-foot circle careens down a 1,000-foot hill and all you have to do is feel the adrenaline. There are three tracks to choose from Sevierville, including a Fast Track that will have you screaming from start to finish. And if you don’t feel like getting wet, there’s also dry zorbing anytime from November to March.

 Sevierville City Park

Sevierville City Park has a number of amenities for families of every variety, including basketball courts, picnic shelters, and walking trails. Of course, these are all in addition to the indoor and outdoor pools. Spend a few hours on the playground or squeeze in a match on the tennis courts before cooling off under the surface. If you visit during the winter, set a goal for a few laps before enjoying the rest of the time splashing around with your kids. The aquatics at this park don’t end there though. You can take an aerobics class, sign your kids up for swim lessons, or even plan a pool party. Adventurous water parks can be exciting, but a city park is a practical way to relax and enjoy the calming effects of the water without feeling the pressure.

Soaky Mountain Water Park

There aren’t any official reviews just yet for this 50-acre outdoor water park, but it’s safe to say it will have a few fans by the time it opens in the summer of 2020. This attraction has it all, including delicious snacks and shakes to refuel everyone when they come off the slides. When you’re in the Smoky Mountains, it’s hard not to be inspired by the picturesque setting that surrounds you. This attraction simply makes it a little easier to lean into that feeling of reckless abandon. It’s a great way to mix up a day in the natural world, especially if you’re visiting with kids. They still have the chance to breathe in the beauty while still being able to enjoy the variety of water park slides and falls.

The Sevierville area knows that not every tourist has the same plans in the Smoky Mountains. Some people want to get down and dirty in the river, while others will want something a little more peaceful than that. Whether you end up at a water park or the city pool though, we can’t recommend incorporating a water activity somewhere along the way. No matter which activity you choose, it’s an unforgettable way to feel a sense of freedom and hope as you experience the weightlessness of the water.