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Tequila Spice Mexican Grill and Cantina

Tequila Spice Mexican Grill and Cantina: Get Ready For A Flavor Fiesta
Written by: Jasmin Diaz
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4 / 5
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 If you’re looking for authentic Mexican food while you are in Sevierville, TN, head on over to the Tequila Spice Mexican Grill and Cantina. There are more than 80 entrées on the extensive menu that pay tribute to different parts of Mexico.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Hola Amigos! If you’re in the mood for the most authentic Mexican food while in Sevierville, TN, head over to the Tequila Spice Mexican Grill and Cantina. This popular spot on the Parkway serves up the most delicious dishes and turns up the heat. More than 80 entrées on the extensive menu pay tribute to different parts of Mexico. Now, that’s what we call exquisite! The Tequila Spice family is passionate about making sure that their guests enjoy, “An Authentic Taste of Mexico” in every way possible. Their motto is, “There’s always a fiesta going on at Tequila Spice, you deserve, we provide.

As soon as you walk through the entrance, the extraordinary fiesta experience begins. The decor is Mexican-style, with bright, vibrant colors, dazzling patterns, and gorgeous oversized plants. If you have the opportunity to eat on the patio, it is decorated with traditional paper art and lights inspired by a Mexican festival. This, combined with the festive music and the aroma of delicious food all work together to create an enjoyable and memorable experience. Take a look at the reviews on Trip Advisor. Our favorites include “100 % Perfect,” “Wonderful,” “I’ll be back,” and “I am in Love.”

Let’s get things heated up with a look at a few of their fan favorites. As we mentioned before, there are more than 80 entries to peruse, and each one is as wonderful as the next. It’s like a tasty walk through Mexico! The food is prepared using only the freshest ingredients, including the best Carne Asada you’ll ever taste. The best cuts of beef are carefully marinated and seasoned with mouthwatering spices, making it melt in your mouth tender. It’s the perfect addition to creating tasty tacos, burritos, fajitas, quesadillas, and more!

If beef isn’t your favorite, the chicken, seafood, and vegetarian selections are also marinated and prepared to delight. The entire team at Tequila Spice Mexican Grill and Cantina always goes the extra mile to make your experience amazing. The menu gets better and bigger with seafood tacos made with the tastiest tilapia or grilled shrimp. Their fajitas are served in a sizzling skillet cooked with the best ingredients. If you are a vegetarian, no worries. There is an entire list of magnificent meat-free dishes a meat eater will enjoy!

Take a look at three house favorites:

Freshly Made Guacamole
One of the stars of the show is their popular signature side dish, freshly made guacamole. A mobile stand rolls right up to your table, and you get to see this house-made green goodness blended with fresh avocados, cilantro, fresh jalapeños, onions, tomatoes, and tangy lime juice right in front of you! It is included with many entrees and can be ordered separately too. Whatever you do, try it…it’s dynamite!

Homemade Corn Tortillas and Tamales
There’s something special about the hot-off-the-grill homemade corn tortillas and tamales that make every dish taste great! Tequila Spice Mexican Grill and Cantina uses traditional authentic recipes passed down through the generations. Each bite is filled with flavor and then some. Try a combination platter to sample as many things as you can!

Authentic Mexican Desserts
Did someone say dessert? How about delicious homemade flan (Mexican custard) or fried ice cream to cool things off? A must-taste for chocoholics is the Chocolate Chimichanga, a decadent chocolate bar rolled in a flour tortilla deep fried and served alongside two scoops of ice cream. Then, it’s topped with chocolate sauce and whipped cream.  Or, the Churros Con Nieve may tickle your sweet tooth. It’s a yummy Mexican pastry filled with strawberry, vanilla, or caramel, all covered with ice cream. We’d call that a very sweet ending!

Insider Tip:
Tequila Spice Mexican Grill and Cantina has a specialty cocktail menu and a children’s menu for smaller appetites. Follow them on Facebook for updates.