Puckett’s Restaurant – Pigeon Forge

Puckett's Restaurant Pigeon Forge – Your Top Spot for a Delicious Meal in Pigeon Forge
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4 / 5
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What was once a grocery store is now a full-service restaurant, creating Puckett’s, which is your one-stop-shop for all the food you could ever want. They make it their mission to serve homecooked food in a relaxing atmosphere and always succeed in a big way. When you come to their Pigeon Forge restaurant, you can treat yourself to the best meals in town and even catch musicians playing live from time to time.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Puckett’s Restaurant Pigeon Forge is one of the best-kept secrets in Pigeon Forge and for good reason. Locals simply do not want to share their treasure, as it is hard enough to get a seat as it is. Dinner reservations are a must if you are hankering for a treat or you could end up missing out, for sure. Taking the time to reserve a table is well worth the effort, however, as the food is good enough to write home about. The atmosphere leaves little to be desired as well.

As you walk into this restaurant and let the hostess know you have reservations, their chill atmosphere will immediately set you at ease. Warm lights set on low and robust plank tables set the stage for a downhome dining experience to remember.

Upon receiving your menus, you will be blown away by the variety of dishes they are serving for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Even their dessert menu is worth stopping in for on its own, as it contains all the fan favorites from homemade milkshakes to pound cake. With all their hearty menu items at your fingertips, you will struggle to leave enough room for dessert, however. No matter what you select from Puckett’s Restaurant Pigeon Forge, you are sure to walk away with a few new favorites and plans to return as soon as possible to find some more.

Fan favorites on the menu include:

Puckett’s Brisket Nachos
When you want fully-loaded nachos, nothing else will do but Puckett’s Brisket Nachos. This delightful starter begins with fresh tortilla chips absolutely covered in house cheese sauce. Then, they add the brisket, black beans, jalapenos, and pico de gallo. Sour cream and a drizzle of BBQ sauce perfect this tasty dish, creating a truly memorable plate of nachos.

Bubba’s Eggs Benedict
With Bubba’s Eggs Benedict on order, you can always start your day out right with a big ol’ smile on your face. This dish features a split biscuit with two fried eggs and bacon or sausage of your choosing on top of a bed of fries. Then, they pour the white pepper gravy all over the top to delight your senses and leave you dreaming of coming back again and again. To elevate this dish, even more, sub out the bacon or sausage for smoked ham or fried chicken for an extra charge.

Music City Hot Chicken Sandwich
If fried chicken is on your mind, then it might be best to just order up the Music City Hot Chicken Sandwich. Before Puckett’s Restaurant Pigeon Forge can build this awesome sandwich, they prepare the chicken by seasoning, battering, and frying it to perfection. After that, they pile it up on Texas toast with a few pickles on top for good measure. If that is not enough, they load up the plate with fries and coleslaw, though you can add skillet mac n’ cheese, sweet potato fries, or flat iron green beans for a bit more.

Since they bring in the top talent to wow the crowds, the music acts are almost as good as the food, creating the ultimate dining experience. They post their lineup online each month, helping everyone avoid missing their favorite acts. Most of the musicians come through on Friday and Saturday nights around 7:30 pm. When the crowds get to roaring, they happily bring on the encores and keep the music going well into the night.

Insider Tips: 
– When you are throwing a big bash, there is no better way to impress your guests than with catering from Puckett’s Restaurant Pigeon Forge. You will need to order well ahead of time to ensure they can get your menu ready by your party date.
– You can also book their food truck, the Trolley Parton, for your event, treating your guests to their most popular menu items.
– If you would rather take your party to the streets, reserve a private dining area at this restaurant to enjoy the best of both worlds.