Byrd’s Famous Cookies

Byrd's Famous Cookies — Serving Tasty Treats to Everyone at The Island on Pigeon Forge
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4 / 5
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Although they got their start in Georgia almost 100 years prior, Byrd’s Famous Cookies have quickly become a staple at The Island on Pigeon Forge. With so many amazing cookie flavors to choose from, they easily have something for everybody. But beware, you might find it difficult to choose just a couple of flavors from the bunch — and resist bringing home bag after bag plus tons of swag.  

- The Local Expert Team

Byrd’s Famous Cookies set up shop at The Island on Pigeon Forge in 2019 intent on sharing their delightful creations with the masses. Their small shop sits just off the parking lot, drawing in visitors as they first arrive for their day out. Upon walking through the doors, you will quickly discover that they live for helping people satisfy their cravings for sweet treats of all kinds.

After providing a warm welcome, the staff will immediately set about informing you about all the different cookie flavors they have on tap. They will excitedly guide you to the cookie bar where you can take your fair share of free samples. As you try each one, they will answer all your questions and help guide you to your perfect selections.

While browsing their treats, you will find all the classics, including chocolate chip, plus innovative creations, like Georgia Peach. Byrd’s Famous Cookies even go beyond sweet with their savory concoctions, such as Benne Bits and Cheddar Pecan Biscuits. Only by sampling each one will you know just what to take home with you at the end of your visit. Once you settle on a flavor (or ten!), you can buy them in sixteen-ounce bags or load up on their one-ounce snack packs.

Their best cookie flavors include:

Georgia Peach
Their award-winning Georgia Peach cookies leave nothing to the imagination. With every crunch, the tart and juicy peach flavors stand front and center, highlighting everything there is to love about Georgia. Following that is the light sweetness of powdered sugar, which completely covers the cookie from top to bottom.

Scotch Oatmeal
Made using their time-honored family recipe, the Scotch Oatmeal cookies feature a delightful blend of cinnamon, raisin, and vanilla flavors. With just one cookie, you will immediately discover why Byrd’s Famous Cookies has been selling this treat since they opened their doors in 1924.

Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip
If you are craving cookies but must stay gluten-free, then their Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip flavor is right up your alley. A true classic to behold, this cookie has all the traditional elements, including a flavorful buttery dough and rich chocolate chips. You definitely won’t miss the gluten while noshing on this stunningly good treat.

Almond Shortbread
When you want rich, buttery shortbread with much more than a hint of almond, choose their Almond Shortbread flavor. These cookies are light and crispy, crumbling in your mouth the second you take a bite. With their decadent flavors and amazing texture, they definitely go fast, so pick up twice as many as you think you might want.

Key Lime Cooler
If you are hankering for key lime pie, then make the Key Lime Cooler your cookie of choice. This small cookie packs all the flavor of a full pie in a bite-sized package. As if the cookie itself wasn’t flavorful enough, they coat the entire thing in citrus powdered sugar for a one-two punch of pucker.

In addition to their bags of cookies, they have tons of swag available for purchase. You can share your love for this cookie stop with everyone around you by wearing their hats, shirts, and other attire. Alternatively, you can use their collectible cookie tins and another décor to dress up your kitchen once you arrive back home. The sky is truly the limit.

Insider Tips: 
– Don’t miss the chance to take your picture with their cookie jar mascot, Crumbles, standing right outside the door.
– If you crave these cookies after returning home, never fear, you can order your favorites online. Byrd’s Famous Cookies will have them shipped to your door.