Old Mill Candy Kitchen

Old Mill Candy Kitchen - Old-Fashioned Candies Made by Hand
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The Old Mill Candy Kitchen makes candies on-site the old-fashioned way. Taffies are wrapped on machines that have been in use for over 75 years, and chocolates are dipped by hand. Stop in to satisfy your sweet tooth, and see how these confections used to be made.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

The Old Mill Candy Kitchen is full of sweets that are made in-house using old-time confectionary techniques. Bring Grandma and Grandpa for a visit, and they’ll be able to tell you how each item in the shop tastes.

The candy selection at the Old Mill Candy Kitchen includes many old-fashioned classics, such as saltwater taffy, chocolate, and brittle. Among the many well-known options, however, there are also some classic creations with creative innovations. Tangerine Stick Candy and Had-Dipped Oreo Chocolates weren’t around when the candy shop first started up, for instance, but they’re delicious new flavors of longtime favorite confections.

Nearly all of the candy for sale is made right here at the Candy Kitchen, and it’s all made using old-time techniques. The machines stringing out taffy have been in use for more than 75 years, and the method of making peanut brittle is likely even older than that. The recipes for Caramels, Hand-Dipped Chocolates, and Bear Paws have all been passed down for generations.

Most of the candies in the shop are always available, but you’ll also see a few new items each time you visit. Seasonal specialties rotate depending on what’s fresh and accessible, and each one is worth trying when it’s being made.

Everyone loves a candy store, and an old-fashioned one like the Old Mill Candy Kitchen is particularly special. Bring the whole group to see how the confections are made, and everyone will find a special treat to take home.

A few of our favorite items at the Old Mill Candy Kitchen include:

Bear Paw
The Candy Kitchen’s most famous treat, the Bear Paws combine crunchy pecans, chewy caramel, and delectable chocolate. Choose from dark, milk, or white chocolate — or try one of each.

Caramel Apple
Available only during autumn, a hand-dipped Caramel Apple is the perfect treat when foliage is peaking. Top yours with crushed nuts or sprinkles, or just enjoy it plain.

Salt Water Taffy
Barrel after barre full of saltwater taffy. Watch how the machines continually stretch the taffy until it’s perfectly chewy, and then pick out some flavors you’d like to try.

The Fudge is sweet, creamy, and silky. You’ll be hard-pressed to settle on any one flavor, but you can mix and match for a customized selection within your box.

Rock Candy
Perhaps the most well-known candy from yesteryear, Rock Candy catches the eye and delights the taste buds. Choose a single stick, or get an assortment for everyone to share.

Insider Tip: 
Although the store can get busy, this is actually one place that’s best to visit during their peak hours or just after. The increased turnover during these times will help ensure you’re getting the freshest possible candy — and freshness makes a noticeable difference when you’re eating something that isn’t factory-made.