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Country Candy Kitchen

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Country Candy Kitchen - Your One-Stop_Shop for Sweet Handmade Confections
Written by: Vicky Reddish
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Country Candy Kitchen has been making confectionery creations for decades. Most of the chocolates, caramels, taffies and other sweets are made in-house according to the original recipes. Come in for a box of fudge or gift box to share, and pick up something special just for yourself too.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Country Candy Kitchen has been delighting Pigeon Forge visitors and residents with its confectionery creations for decades. According to the same original recipes that first made this places’ candies a local favorite, most of the kitchen’s sweets are still made in-house.

The candy selection at Country Candy Kitchen includes all of the old-fashioned favorites. Chocolates, caramels and jellies are all delightful on their own, and they’re even better when combined into clusters or truffles. Because they’re all handmade, each one is uniquely imperfect just enough to make it look even more delicious.

Saltwater taffy and fudge are also available, and it’s worth watching them get created even if you’re not expecting to get them. The taffy is stretched in the same way that it has been since the 1950s, and the Homemade Copper Kettle Fudge uses a family recipe that has been handed down for generations. Another style of fudge, Homemade Marble Slab Fudge, is also available — and comes in slabs ranging from a half-pound to 6 pounds.

In addition to the longtime favorite candies, the kitchen also offers a large selection of sugar-free treats. Smoky Bear Claws, Caramel Pecan Nests, Chocolate Clusters, Fudge and Salt Water Taffy are all available with alternative sweeteners for those who need to avoid sugar in their diet.

One of the few things in the kitchen that’s not housemade is the ice cream. Get a cone hand-dipped in thick chocolate, though, and you’ll almost think they make dairy products too.

Candy stores are always popular stops, and this one, with its variety of sugar and non-sugar treats, is a perfect option. Bring your family or friends here, and everyone will likely leave with more than a few sweets.

A few of our favorite sweets at Country Candy Kitchen include:

Homemade Copper Kettle Fudge
Made in-house the same way it has been for generations, the Homemade Copper Kettle Fudge is a treat that’s withstood the test of time. Mix and match a few flavors, including many that Grandma and Grandpa likely enjoyed long ago.

Homemade Marble Slab Fudge
A slightly newer way of making fudge, the Homemade Marble Slab Fudge is also sweet, creamy and simply delicious. This isn’t for individual consumption, though, as slabs come in ½- to 6-pound sizes. Get a slab if you’re looking for something to share.

Pecan Turtles
The Pecan Turtles are a regional favorite, even if they’re not exclusive to the Smoky Mountains. Crunchy pecans combine with chewy caramel and chocolate to create something that’s the perfect combination.

Sugar-Free Smoky Bear Claws
A local version of the bear claw, these Sugar-Free Bear Claws are just as delicious but don’t contain any actual sugar. Dive in without worrying about your levels.

Fancy Caramel Apple
Caramel apples are delicious when they’re in season, and these aren’t just plain ones. A caramel-coated apple covered with chocolate, white chocolate, nuts and more — you won’t even know it’s an apple until you bite in.

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