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Cookie Dough Monster - Burgers & Shakes — Diner Food Done Right in Pigeon Forge
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4.5 / 5
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At Cookie Dough Monster Café & Grille, you get to enjoy innovative menu items all scratch-made to order and served by the friendliest team in town. Everything from their gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches to their cookie dough delights boast out-of-this-world flavor from first to the last bite. Once you get a taste of their menu items, you’ll be planning your next trip before your bill hits the table.  

- The Local Expert Team

Nestled just behind The Island in Pigeon Forge, you can find the delightful Cookie Dough Monster – Burgers & Shakes awaiting your arrival. At this chill eatery, you can get everything from imaginative burgers and melts to tantalizing cookie dough and shakes. All of their menu items feature fun names that’ll get you in the mood for a fantastic meal. Better yet, they make every last dish to order from scratch using the finest ingredients available every day. 

You can drop by at your leisure for lunch, dinner, or a phenomenal dessert to end your day right. Whenever you arrive, you can trust that the team will welcome you through the doors with open arms and a big smile. They are always happy to get you seated at a cozy table, take your order, and deliver your selections rather quickly. 

If you come by Cookie Dough Monster – Burgers & Shakes often, it won’t be long before they know you by name and can even guess what you’re about to order. Don’t forget to switch it up regularly so you can try all their fantastic offerings one by one. Only then can you truly settle on your favorites and make them your go-to selections each time you walk through the doors. 

Fan favorites on their menu include:

Mac Daddy
When you want a burger to end all burgers, only the Mac Daddy will do. This phenomenal sandwich starts with a hearty bun and an eight-ounce beef patty. Over that, you get bacon, pepper jack cheese, and a huge dollop of gouda mac ‘n’ cheese. You only get one side with it, so choose wisely, although the crinkle-cut fries are always a solid choice. 

If you’re in the mood for sweet and savory, let the Hawaii-Hen win you over. To make this sandwich, they put a fried chicken breast right on a hearty bun and cover it in pepper jack cheese. Then, they add tomatoes, leaf lettuce, pineapples, and red onions. BBQ sauce goes over it all before the other bun joins the party. For your side, go with the pepper jack cheese curds to bring it all together. 

Al & Fred
Nothing beats the Cookie Dough Monster – Burgers & Shakes Al & Fred melt when you want all the most decadent flavors dancing across your tastebuds. They make this melt-on garlic sourdough and fill it with grilled chicken, smoked gouda mac, and sauteed yellow onions. As with their other meals, you get a single side with your order. Select the sweet fries if you want to increase the complexity of the flavors even more. 

It becomes quite clear why so many people trek here just for a sweet treat or two with a glance at their mile-long dessert menu. They have the thickest shakes in all the best flavors, including Cake Batter, S’Mores, and Chocolate Banana. If you want something a little more substantial, go with an ice cream cone, fresh-baked cookies, or cookie dough bites. You can even do a nine-bite sampler if you cannot choose between all their decadent options.

Insider Tips: 
– Go beyond simply telling everyone about this awesome eatery by giving out digital gift cards. As your friends, family, and coworkers try this place out, you’ll have endless thanks coming your way.
– If you are full up after your meal, don’t skip the cookie dough bites. Just take a sample pack to go and enjoy them later once you have room in your belly.