Treat Yourself at the Best Places for Dessert in Pigeon Forge, TN

If you strike a sweet tooth while wandering around town, then you are in luck. There is a delicious selection of dessert in Pigeon Forge. This mountain town boasts all kinds of treats, ranging from ice cream to donuts, chocolates, and so much more. There’s only so much sugar you can handle, however, so you’ll want to prioritize the best spots in town as you plan your sweet treat itinerary.

As such, we’ve highlighted a few of the area’s finest places to indulge:

Cakes by Bakin’ Bishop

Photo Credit by @cakes_by_bakin_bishop on Instagram

If you plan on celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or other special event in Pigeon Forge, be sure to plan for a memorable cake. This should be as beautiful as it is delicious — and both senses are in for a treat if you order a masterpiece from Cakes by Bakin’ Bishop. The setting itself is rustic, but the cakes created at this local bakery are downright vibrant.

Despite its name, this bakery offers a lot more than cake alone. If you’re not prepared to order an entire custom cake but still want to check out the quaint porch environment, you’re welcome to order cookies, cinnamon rolls, or other treats. Grab something sweet to enjoy at the picnic table or savor your favorites inside as you take in the cheerful ambiance.

Mad Dog’s Creamery

Mad Dog’s Creamery offers not only delectable ice cream but also satisfying donuts to start your day off on a sweet note. The hand-dipped premium ice cream is available in all your favorite flavors, plus a few unique options such as sea salt caramel cheesecake. If you’re in a donut-y mood, you’ll find classics spanning a variety of categories: yeast donuts, filled donuts, apple fritters, and cinnamon rolls.

This aptly-named location is special, in part, because it is so pet-friendly. If you visit with your pup, you’re welcome to hang out at the picnic tables and make the most of the onsite water bowls. What’s more, Mad Dog’s offers paw-some treats, like doggie donuts with all-natural ingredients.

Curl de la Crème

Rolled ice cream is a delight and, thanks to Curl de la Crème, it’s easy to find in Pigeon Forge. This family-owned shop prepares a rolled ice cream on the spot, giving guests the chance to select their own mix-ins and watch as the experts work their magic. The rolling process is downright fascinating and you will be in awe of what today’s ice cream aficionados are able to achieve.

Curl de la Crème is a must-visit if you have dietary restrictions, as there are lots of enticing dairy-free options on the menu. What’s more, each menu item clearly lists any allergens that might be present, so you can easily make choices that will taste amazing but also have you feeling your best after you’ve enjoyed your treat.

Buzzed Bull Creamery

Discover the power of liquid nitrogen at Buzzed Bull Creamery, which allows you to combine your dessert stop and your visit to the bar into one spectacular outing. While the premium liquid nitrogen milkshakes would be worth sampling all on their own, they get a definite step up when enjoyed in buzzed form: just enough alcohol to turn your Buzzed Bull visit into an all-out party.

The fun begins as you select your flavor and mix-ins, although you’re welcome to choose something from the creative specialty menu. Options such as espresso and cake batter definitely stand out and can be combined with gummy worms, waffle cone pieces, and many other mix-ins. The alcohol options are nearly as extensive as the ice cream flavors: buzz your creation with bourbon, gin, spiced rum, or even tequila. You’ll be delighted with the final result.

Scoops Ice Cream Parlor

Photo Credit by @sydneyflucero on Instagram

Keep it simple with a scoop (or two) of good old-fashioned ice cream. This is best when it’s homemade — and that is exactly what you can expect at Scoops Ice Cream Parlor. There are plenty of refreshing flavors at Scoops, including all the usuals (chocolate, vanilla, and so on) along with unique options such as cantaloupe and banana pudding.

When you want something a bit fancier, the Monkey Madness is sure to please; this indulgent mix between a sundae and a banana split includes plenty of fruit but also generous scoops of ice cream and even chocolate drizzle. The hilariously named Dieter’s Revenge is also a great indulgence: three scoops of Oreo ice cream, plus crushed Oreos, hot fudge, whipped cream, and a cherry on top.

Half the fun of visiting Scoops is stepping inside the friendly ice cream parlor environment and exchanging genuine smiles and conversations with employees and visitors alike. You’re welcome to sample a few flavors before you make your final selection and will be pleased to discover a huge portion greeting you once you’ve chosen a flavor.


This chain has several locations throughout the US, but the Pigeon Forge version is definitely worth visiting if you don’t typically enjoy easy access to the best cinnamon buns. If nothing else, Cinnaholic is worth visiting for the smell alone. Don’t be surprised if you feel compelled to bottle the scent and take it home with you. The next best thing, of course, is to amplify the experience with the best flavors in town. Shockingly, the entire menu is vegan — but that won’t stop these buns from feeling indulgent.

These aren’t your average cinnamon buns, although you are certainly welcome to keep things simple if you prefer. If you’re in the mood for something ornate, however, you’ll want to check out specialty options such as Campfire Smores (with marshmallow frosting, chocolate sauce, graham cookies, and marshmallows) or Tropical Bliss (raspberry frosting, bananas, blueberries, and coconut). You can also customize your bun and add unique frostings such as maple or chai. Don’t forget standout toppings like pretzel sticks or banana bread bites.

Chocolate Monkey

A local staple, Chocolate Monkey is perfect for stocking up on fudge, caramel apples, and a variety of other specialty treats. The free samples are always a hit and you could easily fill up on these alone — but that won’t stop you from purchasing your fair share of tasty confections. The shop is also a visual treat, with beautiful displays encouraging you to browse and marvel at the range of products available.

The Pigeon Forge location is certainly not the only Chocolate Monkey worth visiting in the Smokies, but it is certainly a convenient spot to indulge when you’re out and about. This tourist-friendly destination is a must when you visit Pigeon Forge with children or when you want a souvenir that is guaranteed to make the recipient smile.

Whether you crave donuts, ice cream, fudge, or cinnamon buns, you will find plenty of opportunities to eat your fill when you visit Pigeon Forge. Set aside some time for a sweet treat and even sweeter memories.