Baked in the Smokies: 4 Delicious Bakeries in Pigeon Forge

When you simply can’t go a day without some deliciousness in your belly, satisfy your sweet craving and get yourself a baked good. While you’re vacationing in Pigeon Forge, you can’t miss these top bakeries to get your sweet tooth going. From cupcakes and pies to cookies and scones, bakeries warm the heart of everyone who steps inside. If you’re in Pigeon Forge and you’re wondering where to go, check out these 4 delicious bakeries that you simply can’t miss.

Espresso Yourself

If you simply can’t imagine your baked goods without a refreshing coffee to go alongside it, Espresso Yourself is the bakery and coffee shop for you. There’s tea, there are cinnamon rolls, there’s carrot cake and so much more! From friendly service to truly delectable eats and drinks, Espresso Yourself in the form of all the baked goodness to hold you over on vacation.


Cinnamon rolls, chocolate chip cookies, and cookie dough — you won’t regret a stop to Cinnaholic. All of the items on the menu are vegan, making it a dietary special treat served alongside some of the friendliest services around town. One bite of a delicious cinnamon roll and you won’t be surprised why this bakeshop makes it to the top of the list.

Cakes by Bakin’ Bishop

Photo Credit: @cakes_by_bakin_bishop on Instagram

Said to have some of the best-baked goods in the country, Cakes by Bakin’ Bishop has just what you need for every occasion. From wedding cakes to cupcakes to birthday cakes, to cinnamon rolls — each bite into the sweet treats at this bakery will taste a little bit like heaven. Check out her Facebook for some new and unique designs uploaded!

Spotlight Bakery

Although you can only visit this bakery if you visit the thrilling amusement park, Dollywood, it’s definitely worth it. Spotlight Bakery is known for its unique 25-pound Apple Pie, but there are several other treats to be admired. From cupcakes to rice Krispies treats to cookies, this bakery will fulfill your every sweet desire. Don’t forget to take some home with you when you leave the park, you’ll want to stock up on this goodness.

There you have it! All the goodness you desire is summed up in 4 different bakeshops in the Smokies. Never go a day without some sweetness during your vacation. These are the absolute must-stops in Pigeon Forge!