10 Unbeatable Views in the Great Smoky Mountains

When it comes to the Great Smoky Mountains, it almost feels like everywhere you look is a new adventure and sight. While that may be true, some of the views that the National Park has to offer radiate in a completely different way. Whether it’s unbeatable mountaintop views or scenic drives, the Great Smoky Mountains definitely knows how to display its beauty. If you’re looking for the best views of the Smoky Mountains, look no further.

Here are 10 unbeatable views in the Great Smoky Mountains:

Mount LeConte

If you’ve been reading about the best views of the Smoky Mountains, you have definitely run into Mount LeConte on everyone’s list. There are several ways of hiking to this mountaintop including the Alum Cave Trail, Rainbow Falls Trail, Bullhead Trail, Trillium Gap Trail, and the Boulevard Trail. One of the more challenging hikes, the easiest way to get there is said to be the Trillium Gap Trail, but one of the best views would definitely be Alum Cave Trail. Worth the struggle and strain when it comes to the best views of the Smokies.

Charlies Bunion Hiking Trail

Usually taking roughly 5 hours to hike there and back, Charlies Bunion Trail has mountain views for miles. With an elevation gain of 1,640 and round trip miles of 8.1, this one is one of the most popular trails and it’s not hard to see why.

Clingmans Dome

The highest point in the Smoky Mountains, Clingmans Dome sits at 6,643 feet. This hot spot can be reached by driving or hiking. The hike is short, only gaining an elevation level of 332 feet, but it is steep which can make it harder for some. Go to the observation tower and look out into forestry for miles… This view will be engraved in your mind forever.

Mount Cammerer Trail

A challenging, but extremely rewarding hike — Mt. Cammerer Trail has panoramic views of dense forest and (when the timing is right) the most beautiful colors. 11.1 miles roundtrip, to get to this view you will have to endure 3,045 feet of elevation gain. For those who are able to hike this trail, it needs to make it on the bucket list!

Chimney Tops Trail

Chimney Tops Hiking Trail is a moderate one to get to some forested mountain scenery. With some steep and challenging parts to this hike, it takes roughly 3 hours to complete there and back with a round trip of 3.8 miles. Enjoy the plants along the way as well as plenty of wildlife!

Rocky Top Trail

There’s a reason why Rocky Top Mountain has a song written about it. An extremely difficult trail for an extremely rewarding view. Block out about 8 hours of your day because you will need it on this 13.9-mile hike roundtrip with 3,665 feet of elevation gain. Along the way, you have scenic views of meadows and flowers which could be unbeatable in itself, but once you get to the top you’ll see why this one is winning.

Look Rock Tower Trail

While the other hikes might be a little bit more challenging for your rewards, this one is on the easier side. Look Rock Tower Trail is a short hike and you only really need an hour to hike there and back. Easy for all ages right off the Foothills Parkway, avoid the crowds and go with this unforgettable picture-perfect sight to start your day off in the most incredible way.

Cades Cove Loop

If you’re looking for views without the hike, Cades Cove is a magical experience. You can enjoy Cades Cove Loop which is a scenic mountain drive, or you can walk amongst the historic nature of Cades Cove. There’s a little bit of everything in this scenic spot, and the plus side is that you don’t have to strain yourself to see it!

Synchronous Fireflies

Not exactly what you might expect when it comes to unbeatable views, but your eyes and soul will thank us after you schedule a night viewing the synchronous fireflies in the Smoky Mountains. View tens of thousands of lightning bugs swarming about in perfect synchronization that will transcend you into a magical wonderland. Tickets and times are limited and seasonal (Summer), so check the website frequently for information.

Newfound Gap Road

A mountainous road, Newfound Gap Road is 31 miles of panoramic views! Drive along this road and head into the mountains of Cherokee, North Carolina as you reach an elevation of 5,046 feet. Newfound Gap Road can be a little chilly, so if you are planning on getting out during this scenic drive just remember to bring a jacket.

With several locations to enjoy the most incredible views that the Smoky Mountains has to offer, it’s not hard to see why everyone falls in love with this area. There are mountains, hikes, color, waterfalls, wildlife, and truly blue skies for miles.

If you’re interested in taking a Smoky Mountain railroad trip to see even more of the beauty it has to offer, check out the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad!