Shamrock Pub – Chill Spot for Bar Food, Drinks, and Dancing All Night Long
Local Expert's Rating:
4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Shamrock Pub goes above and beyond in serving as the top spot in Gatlinburg for delicious drinks, flavorful food, and tons of fun. In addition to their fantastic menu items, they offer karaoke and live music seven days a week plus many opportunities for dancing the night away. Their quality service will make you feel right at home as well, giving you the full pub experience.  

- The Local Expert Team

If you ask the locals where they spend their time in Gatlinburg, it won’t be long until someone points you toward Shamrock Pub. This little lounge features all the key elements you need to have a spectacular time. They serve up tasty bar food by the boatload, including many traditional Irish dishes. Bangers and Mash anyone? Plus, they have beer, wine, and cocktails of all kinds, just waiting for your order.

Although they could end there and still be ahead of the game, they up the ante with live music and karaoke every single night. Upon arriving here, you’ll want to slip on your dancing shoes and hit the floor to boogie the night away. Or you can hop onto the stage and belt out your favorite tunes, allowing the stress to melt away in an instant.

If you prefer to keep it low-key, grab a seat on the rooftop bar instead and look over the bustling cityscape in all its glory. People watching is prime entertainment from the rooftop since you can see all the activity on the Parkway and Reagan Street. Don’t forget to turn the other way and take in the beauty of the Gatlinburg Space Needle as well, which is just down the block.

Their must-try items include:

Shamrock Cheese Steak
The Shamrock Cheese Steak promises to tantalize your tastebuds from first bite to last. They make this sandwich by thinly slicing beef, frying it up on the grill, and placing it over fresh Italian bread. Then, they grill onions and throw them over the beef before topping the whole thing with cheese. Signature Shamrock Fries come with your sammie to complete this wondrous picture.

Irish Times Club
When you order the Irish Times Club, you’re in for a whole lot of flavor. This sandwich features toast piled high with thinly sliced turkey, bacon, tomato, and lettuce. Mayo brings it all together, although you can ask for mustard as well. Choose between the Shamrock Fries or Coleslaw to finish everything off right.

Fish and Chips
The Fish and Chips are a true delight as they are made only with the highest quality cod dipped in a fresh beer batter. After frying up the cod until golden brown, they put it on the plate with plenty of Shamrock Fries, Coleslaw and a side of tartar sauce for dipping.

Grilled Chicken Breast
For a hearty meal featuring all the home-cooked flavors you love, order up the Grilled Chicken Breast. This dish comes with a char-grilled chicken breast plus a generous serving of vegetable du jour. Beyond that, you get your choice of two sides. Go with the creamy crock of mashed potatoes and coleslaw to get your fill of all the best flavors in the house.

Once you’re done with the main fare, grab a dessert to see how they do sweets. They have fantastically decadent Sticky Date Pudding, Bailey’s Chocolate Mousse, and Shamrock Cheesecake. No matter which one you choose, you’re definitely in for a treat. Want to try them all? Order all three and share them with your group or simply take them home for later.

Insider Tips: 
– Ask about your 50% discount if you’re a local.
– Dining with a party of six or more? Expect them to automatically add an 18% gratuity to your bill.
– If you’re looking for a place to go late at night, this is it. It’s one of the few bars in the area open past 10 pm