Coffee & Company

Coffee & Company: Peace, Hope, And Love Abound at Gatlinburg's Cutest Coffee Shop
Local Expert's Rating:
4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Coffee & Company delivers peace, hope, love, and of course, a delicious cup of Joe. This Gatlinburg gem brings tasty coffee and pastries to the Village Shoppes, as well as a welcoming atmosphere worth checking out.

- The Local Expert Team

Your morning cup of coffee should be more than a basic dose of caffeine — it should constitute a memorable experience. You’re bound to make memories when you start your day at Gatlinburg’s Coffee & Company. This little gem fits perfectly into the general vibe of the Village Shoppes and serves as a wonderful first stop as you pursue the ultimate in retail therapy.

Whether you’re obsessed with coffee or prefer other beverages, you will easily find something you enjoy at Coffee & Company. The shop serves fresh-roasted coffee, along with several specialty drinks worth sampling. If you enjoy your cup of coffee most alongside a pastry or other tasty treat, you’ll be pleased by the selection; the muffins are especially satisfying. Otherwise, feel free to grab a snack from the nearby Donut Friar, which pairs nicely with coffee.

The beverages and pastries at Coffee & Company may taste delicious, but regulars are just as appreciative of the environment. This store is just as cute as the rest of the Village Shoppes. While some might think of the shop’s interior as cluttered, its whimsical decor is in keeping with its friendly atmosphere. Sit back at your beautifully-decorated table and observe the many signs that adorn the shop. Unfortunately, because the shop is so small, tables may not be available if you visit during peak coffee hours, when everybody is desperate for their daily caffeine. Thankfully, seating is available outside — and when the weather cooperates, that’s exactly where you’ll want to enjoy your drink. A cute fountain situated right outside of the shop will keep you entertained as you down your beverage.

Before you leave, be sure to grab specialty coffee beans so you can continue to enjoy the Coffee & Company experience after you return home. Otherwise, the shop’s exceptional blends are available for purchase online. You’re also welcome to invest in the many other items found throughout the store and on the official website, including shirts, mugs, and more.

Our favorite beverages include the following:

Shot in the Dark
Get your full dose of caffeine with this fresh-roasted coffee beverage, which includes shots of Coffee & Company’s proprietary espresso.

Flavored Lattes
A variety of delicious lattes are available at Coffee & Company. All include steamed milk, syrup, and espresso. Choose from a variety of flavors, such as toffee nut, almond, or caramel. A variety of sugar-free flavors are also available.

Hot White Chocolate
Not in the mood for coffee? No problem? While Coffee & Company offers several alternative options. This take on hot chocolate is one of the tastiest and most comforting. Featuring steamed milk and Ghirardelli chocolate sauce, this tasty drink is topped with even more white chocolate sauce — and a frothy, yet delicious whip.

Caramel Apple Cider
Steamed apple juice and cinnamon syrup form the basis of this enticing drink, which is topped with whip and a heavy caramel sauce that will have you feeling autumn vibes any time of the year.

Blended Fruit Smoothie
Cool down with a wonderful smoothy featuring your favorite kind of fruit puree. Options include mango, peach, strawberry, and strawberry banana. Coffee & Company also serves blended cream and blended fruit & cream beverages.

From espresso to smoothies, the range of drinks at Coffee & Company ensures that something delicious is available for every type of visitor. Grab your favorite beverage and relax as you enjoy the friendly environment of Gatlinburg.

Insider Tips:
– While the prices at Coffee & Company are reasonable, you’ll need to use cash for any purchases below five dollars. Thankfully, plenty of great options are available to get your purchase up to the minimum credit card threshold.
– If you don’t consume dairy and don’t like your coffee black, you’re in luck — Coffee & Company stocks both soy and nut milks.