Smith & Son Corner Kitchen

Smith & Son Corner Kitchen — Serving Up All Your Favorite Smoky Mountain Flavors
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Smith and Son Corner Kitchen make it their mission to serve up all the best flavors of the Great Smoky Mountains with more than a touch of southern hospitality. Although they just came on the scene in early 2020, they have quickly established themselves as the leading place to go at the end of all your adventures.

- The Local Expert Team

As you explore all the trails through the Great Smoky Mountains, it is easy to work up an enormous appetite. Thankfully, Smith & Son Corner Kitchen (formally Blaine’s) awaits your arrival, ready to serve you up big meals made with fresh, local ingredients. They promise to keep southern hospitality at the forefront of all they do, serving up your meals with a smile and some friendly banter to boot.

You have your choice of seating options while dining at this fantastic eatery. You can mingle with the other patrons at the bar on the first floor or pick a private table nearby. They even have tables upstairs along with the balcony for those who want to watch all the action on the streets below. No matter where you sit, it will prove to be the perfect place to kick back and take a load off your tired feet.

Upon settling in at your table of choice, your friendly server will come by with menus full of slow-cooked meats and more. Ask for time to marvel at all the options, which range from tender, saucy ribs to crispy fried chicken. You really cannot lose, however, no matter what you choose. So, if it is too tough to pick just one, just put your finger down to select something at random. Then, start planning your future visits to try the rest.

You definitely have to try the following dishes at Smith & Son Corner Kitchen:

Double Deluxe Nachos
If you love nachos (and really, who doesn’t!?), then order up the Double Deluxe Nachos as soon as your tail hits the seat. They start this dish with a pile of tortilla chips, then cover them in oodles of Airport chili, grilled chicken, and chile con queso. On top of that, they put down a smattering of jalapenos, pico de gallo, black olives, green onions, and sour cream sauce. Although it will cost a little bit extra, make it even more memorable by adding guacamole to the mix.

Pit Master Macdaddy
Slow-cooked meats are what they are all about and you can see their talents in action by ordering the Pit Master Macdaddy. This flavorful dish features smoked pulled pork laid over a bed of creamy mac and cheese. Pico de gallo, BBQ sauce, and fried tobacco onions go over the top, while garlic bread comes alongside.

Delta Catfish
When fried foods are calling your name, you really cannot go wrong by ordering up the Delta Catfish. They soak their catfish in a buttermilk brine to make it sweet and tender, then slap on cornmeal breading and fry it until golden brown. After that, they put the sizzling hot catfish alongside a heaping serving of French fries and a scoop of coleslaw. Tartar sauce comes with, of course, so you can dip your fish again and again.

Whatever you order at Smith & Son Corner Kitchen, just make sure to save some room for dessert. Their cheesecake options change by the day, so you can really miss out if you skip dessert even once. They also have a heavenly chocolate cake filled with rich mousse layers good enough to write home about. If you want something a little lighter, then the banana pudding is a great go-to dish. To create this timeless treat, they make their vanilla pudding from scratch, then add toasted wafers, brown sugar bananas, and real whipped cream.

Insider Tips: 
– Gluten-free options are on the Smith & Son Corner Kitchen menu, but since they do not have a separate kitchen, cross-contamination is always a risk.
– If people-watching is your jam, head over to the balcony upstairs to take in the sights.
– They offer free refills on all their sodas, iced tea, and coffee drinks, but the real magic is found in their signature cocktails served by the glass.