Dude’s Daiquiris

Dude's Daiquiris — Where to Go for Icy Cold Alcoholic Drinks in Gatlinburg
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3.5 / 5
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When you’re in the mood for icy cold alcohol beverages, get on over to Dude’s Daiquiris in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. They make each daiquiri in all the most popular flavors, including tropical punch, strawberry, and whiskey sour. You can even put in your order upstairs at the Mellow Mushroom to enjoy pizza alongside your drink.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Located just downstairs from the Mellow Mushroom is the fabled Dude’s Daiquiris, where they make it their mission to serve up all the best icy cold alcoholic drinks. You can either go down to the bar to order your drinks or slip into the upstairs restaurant for pizza and daiquiris. Either way, you’re definitely in for a treat that’ll take your trip to Gatlinburg to the next level.

Throughout the day, their frozen daiquiris spin to perfection in their slushie machines. They have nearly a dozen machines running day in and day out, treating you to all your favorite flavors in an instant. You can go with a single flavor or add two or more to your drink for an extra charge. No matter what you choose, you’re sure to get a sugar rush as you drink it up.

All their drinks come in 20- to 50-ounce souvenir cups, which you can take home after your visit. Want to sip on the same drink with a friend? Get the ultra-cute hookah cup that features two straws on either side of the drink. Refills are available at a discount as long as you have your cup on hand.

When you get your drinks of choice, you can sidle up to the bar, grab a table inside, or head outside to the patio. You’re then free to chat with your group and watch all the action as you enjoy your beverages to the fullest.

Items you absolutely must try include:

Dude’s Strawberry Daiquiri
For a true classic, you can always count on the Dude’s Strawberry Daiquiri to come through in a big way. Featuring all the sweet summer flavors you love, this drink tastes phenomenal from the first sip to the last. If you want to elevate the flavors, even more, pair it with the banana daiquiri for a strawberry-banana blast.

Wildberry Blast
If you’d like to add even more berries to the mix, the Wildberry Blast Daiquiri is always a solid choice. Made with blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries galore, this drink is the perfect balance of sweet and tart flavors. If you want to try the tie-dye, pair it up with the Hurricane Maryjane for a fruity explosion.

Funky Chameleon
A tropical delight through and through, the Funky Chameleon keeps visitors coming back for more. This icy drink features mangos, pineapple, and coconut flavors in a vivid green concoction. The peach and rum Bear Tranquilizer tastes phenomenal with the tropical flavors, so don’t hesitate to mix it up if you dare.

If you’d like something a little different than daiquiris, consider trying their frozen Jack and Coke. Featuring all the robust flavor of the original, this drink never fails to impress. Beyond that, you can go with shakers and other cocktails of your choosing, but they do not come in a fun souvenir cup. Shots are available, too, if you prefer to keep it as simple as possible. Love picklebacks? Ask how they put their creative spin on this fan favorite.

Insider Tips:
-Weekends are wildly busy, especially during the tourist season. So, whether you’re flying solo or running with a large group, be prepared to wait a bit to get your drinks.
-On busy days, they may run out of specific souvenir cup sizes. Although they do not offer a discount for the upsize, it’s a great reason to go big on your drink order.
-If you’re lucky, you might get a live music performance while sitting out on the patio. So, check what’s going down out there before settling in at an indoor table.