No Way Jose’s Mexican Cantina

No Way Jose's Gatlinburg: Delicious Mexican Eats in the Heart of Gatlinburg
Local Expert's Rating:
4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Whether you’re new to the area, or a local, No Way Jose’s has the perfect mix of atmosphere, good customer service, and great food that will keep you wanting to come back over and over again.

- The Local Expert Team

No Way Jose’s in Gatlinburg is still one of the best places to go grab a delicious feast of non-American food, flavored to perfection. Perched on Cliff Branch River, you’ll dine waterfront at one of the most visually intriguing restaurants in the city. From the authentic Mexico City, murals splashed all over the walls, to the bar lights made out of cut-off liquor bottles, to the Corona and Modelo boxes hanging overhead, you’ll instantly feel transported from rural Tennessee, to somewhere south of the border.

While the waitress was doing her best to get us sauced up in the middle of the day, we passed on the drinks (it was a work day after all), and went right for the appetizers.

The appetizer sampler was delicious all around. Their special house sauce was easily one of the most delicious things we’ve put in our mouths at any Mexican joint we’ve visited. The taquitos were a group favorite from this sampler platter, but everything on this plate was prepared expertly.

While No Way Jose’s has a laundry list of menu items that are all definitely worth eating, here are a few items we definitely think your mouth will thank you for:

Chips & Salsa
Surprised to see the free stuff at the top of the list? Don’t be. No Way Jose’s free chips and salsa are so delicious you’ll be tempted to just skip the meal and stick with the freshly made salsa.

Fajitas Suprema
These aren’t your ordinary Fajitas. Steak, Chicken, & Shrimp served with a bed of grilled onions & peppers, with two fresh lime wedges on top. Served with rice, beans, and Mexican salad. You’ll be glad you ate more than you should have.

The Outrageous 
It’s more wonderful than even its name makes it sound. Served as either a burrito or a chimichanga, this dish is easily enough food for 2 to share and still leave feeling overly satisfied.

We recommend using the outdoor bar area though – with the huge flat-screen television, ample seating, and picturesque view of the river and downtown Gatlinburg, it’s the perfect place to relax with some friends. While there may be no shortage of dining options in the great town of Gatlinburg, No Way Jose’s is on the short list of restaurants with great taste, great experience, and affordable prices.

Insider Tip:
Not looking for a meal of epic portions? No problem! No Way Jose’s has two separate bar areas where you can have your favorite drink or cocktail mixed up and served in a jiffy.