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The Ultimate Guide To

Dollywood Rides

The Wild Eagle, which was the first wing coaster in the United States, will give you the sense of flying - its only air above and below you! This ride is perfect for thrill-seekers with its 210-foot drop, 110-foot loop, and 61 MPH speeds! This is a must do for roller-coaster fanatics!
Wilderness Pass Thrill Rating: Max
Dollywood's high-flying Sky Rider lets you pilot a plane 70 feet above the Country Fair area of the theme park. Children will love controlling the ascent and descent with the flight joystick located between the two seats.
Country Fair Thrill Rating: Mild
Thunderhead, which is 3,230' long classic wooden coaster, features a 100-foot drop and speeds of up to 55 MPH. This amazing roller coaster is nestled between two mountains and both the views and thrills are sure to impress!
Timber Canyon Thrill Rating: Mild
The Waltzing Swinger is a swing ride with heights of 25-feet and views of Dollywood and Country Fair. This ride does have double seats that are perfect for younger riders as well.
Country Fair Thrill Rating: Mild
The Tennessee Tornado is a triple spiral-looping coaster complete with a 128-foot drop and insane 70 MPH speeds. The thrill-seeker in your group will LOVE this!
Craftsmans Valley Thrill Rating: Max
Dollywood's Village Carousel is a classic carousel ride with 60 beautiful animals and calliope music. With a variety of moving and stationary spots to sit, there is a spot for everyone in your group on this fun ride!
Village Thrill Rating: Mild
The Smoky Mountain River Rampage is a white water rafting adventure that is guaranteed to soak you and your friends! This fun water ride is filled with rapids and screams of joy.
Rivertown Junction Thrill Rating: Mild
This 60-foot high Ferris Wheel offers you an incredible view of Dollywood and the surrounding Smoky Mountains. The loading and unloading can take a while, so be prepared to enjoy the view for a while!
Country Fair Thrill Rating: Mild
Since you will be using your hands to pull yourself up, your hands may get a little sore. If you try multiple times, there will be a chance of blisters.
Timber Canyon Thrill Rating: Mild
The Mountain Slidewinder is a water tobaggan ride that screams down the mountain at incredible speeds! This action-packed water ride packs a great combination of nature, speed, and water.
Owens Farm Thrill Rating: Moderate
This thrilling three-minute ride through an abandoned coal mine is complete with 90-degree inclines, two twists, an 85-foot drop, and speeds of up to 46 MPH. This will get that adrenaline pumping!
Timber Canyon Thrill Rating: Max
The River Battle is a log-themed water adventure that is guaranteed to soak you. Since the ride does NOT have a height requirement, the whole family can enjoy this fun adventure!
Wilderness Pass Thrill Rating: Mild
The Rockin' Roadway is a classic car ride that gives you the opportunity to steer a thunderbird or corvette around a 50s-themed track. The young and young at heart will love this opportunity to "drive" one of these classics!
Jukebox Junction Thrill Rating: Mild
The Scrambler is a classic fair and carnival ride that is sure to provide riders with a dizzying experience! This ride is fun, but we do not suggest for those that are more susceptible to motion sickness.
Country Fair Thrill Rating: Moderate
Dollywood's Sideshow Spin is a child's roller coaster that reaches a top-speed of 14 MPH after it's 12-foot drop. This kiddie roller coaster can have long lines, but is always a favorite with young children.
Country Fair Thrill Rating: Mild
This parade of piggies is sure to impress the toddlers in your group! The group of piggies travel in a circular patter around a giant scarecrow providing ample opportunity for waving and photos.
Country Fair Thrill Rating: Mild
This is the perfect ride for young children! The Lucky Ducky is a tame ride, but is sure to impress Dollywood's young visitors.
Country Fair Thrill Rating: Mild
This spinning saucer ride is sure to make you dizzy!!! Nine cups and saucer rapidly spin as the disk they are mounted on revolves around the center pitcher. Mom and Dad may get a bit motion sick, but it is worth it for the fun your children will have.
Country Fair Thrill Rating: Mild
Other parks definitely have more thrilling coasters, but if you're looking for a thrill at Dollywood, this launched wooden coaster is definitely their most exciting ride.
Jukebox Junction Thrill Rating: Max
This ride is a park favorite and a favorite amongst families. Lines can get long in summer months, but it's definitely worth the wait.
Wilderness Pass Thrill Rating: Moderate
While a great family ride, this attraction may not be worth the long wait times but can definitely be a great way to work out some pent up aggression!
Country Fair Thrill Rating: Mild
A park favorite, this ride is the perfect mix of extreme excitement and instant cool off. On a hot summer day, the wet finale will make the long wait in line seem worth it.
Craftsmans Valley Thrill Rating: Moderate
A little outdated, this ride is still a park favorite and one that's worth doing if you're in between events or other more adventurous rides.
Craftsmans Valley Thrill Rating: Mild
This ride is as fun to watch as it is to ride. Reminiscent of your moonshot attempts on the local playground swing, this ride is all thrills the whole time.
Owens Farm Thrill Rating: Moderate
A park classic, this authentically coal powered train is a must-do if you're coming to Dollywood with the family. There are no thrills on this ride, so sit back and relax.
Throughout Park Thrill Rating: Mild
While this ride is simple and fun, if spinning rides make you nauseous, this one may wreck your day - riders be forewarned!
Country Fair Thrill Rating: Moderate
A simple ride, but loads of fun for the little ones. The ride operators make an effort to ensure a fun adventure for every child every time.
Country Fair Thrill Rating: Mild
Appropriate for all ages, the little ones will love this ride while giving mom and dad an opportunity to have some "excitement" with the kids.
Country Fair Thrill Rating: Mild