The Wild Eagle

The Wild Eagle
Local Expert's Rating:
5.0 / 5
The Bottom Line:

The Wild Eagle, which was the first wing coaster in the United States, will give you the sense of flying - its only air above and below you! This ride is perfect for thrill-seekers with its 210-foot drop, 110-foot loop, and 61 MPH speeds! This is a must do for roller-coaster fanatics!

- The Local Expert Team

Take flight on the wings of America’s beloved bird, the eagle, and soar like never before. You’ll be sent up to the mountains on this beast of a coaster and then shot back down like an eagle attacking its prey. Don’t be surprised if you forget you’re on a track as this coaster hangs you out to the side with your feet dangling. Spread your wings and fly on the Wild Eagle!

You can’t begin your flight without getting up to the clouds first, and that’s exactly how this ride starts out. Sit back as you’re hauled 210 feet into the air. Relax and enjoy the view now because it’s the only time you’re not going to be screaming while on this thrilling coaster. Once you peak the the top of the hill, hold on to those shoulder restraints and prepare for a daring swoop down to earth at 61 mph. Don’t worry, eagles have flying down pat, so as soon as you think you’re going to crash into the ground, you’ll be lifted straight into the air and thrown into a 110 foot tall loop.

If the start of this flight isn’t exciting enough for you, it only gets better. You’ll be blasted around curves and given the feeling of weightlessness from zero-gravity turns. Directly following the zero-gravity turn, you’ll encounter an immelmann loop. Following this loop, you’ll then go into a corkscrew, and after that daring feat, you’ll experience some serious airtime as you fly into a camelback hill. In total you’ll go through four inversions along with sudden turns and tricks that’ll have your arms spread out like an eagle’s wings!

Not only is this ride fun, but it comes with bragging rights as it’s the only winged coaster in America! You’ll be hanging in the air with nothing above or below you allowing for the ultimate eagle experience. If you think you can handle being a bird for around 2 minutes, go ahead and jump on the wings of the Wild Eagle!

Inside Tip:
In addition to a minimum height requirement, there is also a maximum height requirement (78-inches) that cannot be exceeded. Be sure you’ll be able to ride by testing out the seat that’s at the ride entrance before you wait in line.