Hidden Hollow

Hidden Hollow at Dollywood's Wildwood Grove: Beat the Heat in a Whimsical Indoor Playground
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4.5 / 5
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Nestled in the heart of Wildwood Grove, Hidden Hollow delivers an alternate experience for young Dollywood visitors who desire a break from rides. This forest-themed indoor playground proves that the greatest adventures begin with a sense of curiosity.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Theme park adventures delight visitors of all ages, but not all kids can handle a full day of rides and shows. Sometimes, children want the freedom to run around and explore at their own pace. That’s exactly what they’ll find at Dollywood’s Hidden Hollow. Nestled within Wildwood Grove, this indoor space allows kids to climb, crawl, and build as their parents take a brief break from the hustle and bustle of the park. It’s a welcome respite for both kids and their parents, who love seeing their youngsters make the most of their natural curiosity. Parents will also appreciate the climate-controlled environment, which provides the perfect reprieve on a hot summer day. The adults who visit this space can sit back on comfortable couches and take in the wonder of childhood.

Spanning 4,000 feet, Hidden Hollow provides ample space for young children to run free. Different areas are provided for different purposes. In one play area, parents are encouraged to join their children and exercise their imagination together. Another area is reserved for toddlers, who might struggle to keep up with — or even feel intimidated by — the older children this indoor playground attracts.

Like all of Wildwood Grove, Hidden Hollow is meant to emulate a forest environment. The playground’s decorations and activities are largely in keeping with this theme. The kids who make the most of this environment slide down hollow logs, scale tree trunk net towers, and navigate tree crawls. Lighting adds to the effect, creating the illusion of dragonflies buzzing and butterflies fluttering throughout the indoor space. Look up, and you’ll observe unique light fixtures consisting of Mason jars with fireflies. Peaceful music plays throughout the playground to create a feast for multiple senses.

Hidden Hollow may only appeal to a certain subset of Wildwood Grove visitors, but therein lies its strength. If you’re exploring the park with kids and need a break from rides and lines, you will appreciate this change of pace. Stop by for a few minutes or a few hours — time flies when you’re exploring Dollywood’s best-kept secret.

Insider Tips

If you or your child dislike crowds, keep in mind that Hidden Hollow will attract its fair share of visitors on hot days. The couches are often occupied — a definite point of concern for the many adults who arrive in search of a comfortable place to sit.

Hidden Hollow is designed to promote safe exploration, but supervision remains critical — especially as young children hit up the slide.