Wildwood Creek

Wildwood Creek at Dollywood's Wildwood Grove
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4 / 5
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Take a break from the rides and the heat at Dollywood's Wildwood Creek, where you and your loved ones can cool off in a peaceful setting. One of Wildwood Grove's most impressive hidden gems, this intuitively designed space offers the ultimate respite during a busy day.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

There’s more to Dollywood than rides alone. The most enjoyable moments at the theme park often arrive seemingly out of nowhere. This is certainly evident at Wildwood Creek, where visitors can gather for a break from typical theme park excitement. Designed to evoke the most relaxing elements of a natural Smoky Mountain setting, this hidden gem offers the perfect source of respite between rides — especially on a hot day.

In addition to recognizing the natural elements that originally inspired Wildwood Grove, Wildwood Creek pays homage to the music that drives Dollywood. Several oversized musical instruments have been installed to provide an element of musical fun for children and adults alike. A large seating area near these instruments allows parents to sit back and relax as their kids entertain themselves with xylophones, chimes, and drums. Even when played haphazardly by little kids, these instruments produce decidedly calming noises.

Near the instruments, you’ll find several water elements. These are a big deal on hot days, when even standing near this area will deliver a cooling sense of relief. Feel free to remove your shoes, roll up your pants, and wade in the shallow eddies of the creek, where you can splash around and skip stones to your heart’s delight.

Photo opportunities abound throughout Wildwood Creek. In addition to snapping pictures of your loved ones as they goof off with oversized instruments, you’ll want to catch at least a photo or two of your entire group standing before the waterfall that sources the creek. The footbridge is also an excellent picture-taking spot.

Whether your idea of a good time involves playing instruments, relaxing by the creek, or amassing photos of loved ones, you’ll have no trouble finding something to capture your interest at Wildwood Creek. Take a break from your jam-packed Dollywood adventure to slow your pace and enjoy a more leisurely experience.

Insider Tips

If you hang out in Wildwood Creek’s interactive springs area, you will get wet. Dress — and pack — accordingly. You’ll also want to plan your post-Wildwood Creek adventures carefully; you might dry off quickly on a hot day, but not necessarily — and some rides are decidedly less enjoyable when you’re wet.

Due to its central location and myriad of entertaining activities, Wildwood Creek is a great meet-up location for groups that decide to split up and tackle different rides. By establishing this as your go-to spot right away, you can spare your group confusion later in the day.