Top 9 Reasons To Visit Dollywood’s New Wildwood Grove

Embrace your inner explorer at Wildwood Grove, where every sight and sound delivers a sense of wonder. As the latest addition to Dollywood, Wildwood Grove offers decidedly whimsical vibes with its emphasis on trees, flowers, and woodland creatures. Whether your idea of a fun afternoon involves high-flying rides or relaxing by the creek, you’ll quickly find something to love about Wildwood Grove. Below, we’ve highlighted the top reasons why this charming destination is worth a visit:

1. The Wildwood Tree

At the center of Wildwood Grove lies the iconic Wildwood Tree. Impossible to miss, this majestic tree is surrounded by butterflies. Oversized musical instruments are carved into the bark of the tree, reflecting the connection of nature and music that make Dollywood and the Smoky Mountains so special. Take a photo with the tree or simply rest for a moment in the shade. You’ll enjoy relaxing in the plaza that surrounds this landmark; this is the perfect precursor to an exciting day at Wildwood Grove.

2. Hidden Hollow

Families adore Wildwood Grove’s Hidden Hollow, which encourages young visitors to get in touch with nature. At this secret spot, you’ll find blocks, slides, towers, and more — all in keeping with the area’s natural theme. Parents of toddlers will be pleased to find a separate space in which the park’s youngest explorers are free to discover new thrills. Offering hours of entertainment, Hidden Hollow encourages kids to make the most of their curiosity and imagination as their parents look on with pride.

3. Wildwood Creek

Situated at the heart of Wildwood Grove, this oasis allows you and your loved ones to take a brief break from the hustle and bustle of Dollywood before you get back to your favorite rides. It also allows you to cool off quickly on a hot day. The scenic Wildwood Creek is sourced from a beautiful waterfall, which serves as a popular photo-taking spot. Photo opportunities also abound on the footbridge and along the creek’s shallow eddies.

Instruments such as chimes, drums, and xylophones complete the effect; as you meander along the creek, you’ll be serenaded by fellow visitors. Show off your musical side with a tune or two of your own. You’ll emerge feeling refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the park.

4. Treetop Tower

Wildwood Grove Treetop Tower

Inspired by the acorns and colorful leaves that adorn Dollywood and the Smoky Mountains every autumn, the Treetop Tower is designed to reflect the experience of tumbling around as a tiny acorn. The acorns on this particular ride are oversized, however, and can accommodate multiple people as they whirl around at the top of a majestic oak tree.

Naturally, given its height, this ride offers impressive views of the Wildwood Tree and other areas of Wildwood Grove. After you’ve seen your fill of this hidden paradise, you’ll slowly float back down to Earth, eager to pursue your next nature-inspired adventure.

5. Dragonflier

Wildwood Grove Dragonflier

The dragonfly is an important Smoky Mountains insect — and one of few insects that both residents and vacationers are pleased to come across. To the human eye, their flights seem exciting. Until recently, however, the average person has had absolutely no idea what dragonflies experience on a daily basis. This ride will give you a better idea of their experience as they speed through the unique terrain of the Smokies.

Nothing compares to the excitement of flight, as you’ll quickly realize while dipping and darting through the Dragonflier. This coaster is unique in that it is suspended; often referred to as a family coaster, it allows you and your loved ones to hang below the track for a true adventure. This is one series of thrills you will not soon forget.

6. The Mad Mockingbird

Wildwood Grove Mad Mockingbird

If you’ve ever wished you could join the lovely mockingbird in flight, here’s your chance: The Mad Mockingbird invites you to take wing over Wildwood Grove. Climb into a gorgeously decorated car designed to mimic a mockingbird flying on a sunny, blue-sky day. After you take off, you’ll dip up and down in a natural bird ballet that inspires a sense of awe in riders and spectators alike. Once you’ve experienced this ride, you’ll have a new appreciation for the many mockingbirds that gather at Wildwood Creek — and you just might find yourself paying more attention to mockingbirds throughout the Smoky Mountains.

7. Black Bear Trail

Wildwood Grove Black Bear Trail

The bears of Wildwood Grove are decidedly friendly, as you’ll realize while hanging out with them on the aptly-named Black Bear Trail. It all begins when you are assigned your very own bear, who will act as your guide on this special excursion. After you and your new bear friend depart, you’ll bounce along near Wildwood Creek and throughout a lush landscape. This ride is gentle, but also exciting enough to appeal to self-described thrill-seekers. Keep your eyes open, because you just might come across some intriguing discoveries along the way.

8. Frogs & Fireflies

Wildwood Grove Frogs and Fireflies

Frogs and Fireflies are among the most beloved creatures at Wildwood Grove. This ride is dedicated to these two charming animals, which have a decidedly complicated relationship. As you enter the ride, you’ll be escorted to an amphibian friend, which you’ll join in a quest to catch glowing fireflies. These frogs can bounce to impressive heights, but the fireflies manage to keep just out of reach. Throughout this chase, you’ll be entertained by toe-tapping bluegrass music. You might not come away with the fireflies you seek, but the journey will have you eager to try again.

9. Great Tree Swing

Wildwood Grove Great Tree Swing

Don’t leave Wildwood Grove without a ride on the Great Tree Swing. It may be shaped like a boat, but the swing’s primary purpose is to mimic the journey of a leaf falling from a sycamore tree in autumn. Just like this leaf, you will swing back and forth on your way to the forest floor. During this expedition, you’ll experience both memorable thrills and breathtaking views. Even if you aren’t feeling up to a high-flying ride, you’ll still want to stop by and check out the swing itself. A sight to behold, it is decked out with intricate vines and leaves. It fits in perfectly with the celebration of nature that is present throughout Wildwood Grove.

At a minimum, Wildwood Grove warrants a walkthrough. Attention to detail is evident throughout this hidden gem. Let your imagination take flight as you wander through this whimsical wonderland — and don’t be afraid to try a ride or two along the way.