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Treetop Tower

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Treetop Tower at Dollywood's Wildwood Grove: An Acorn-Based Adventure Boasting Gorgeous Views
Written by: Vicky Reddish
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4.5 / 5
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Embrace the acorn experience at Dollywood's Treetop Tower. This gentle ride will take you and your loved ones to new heights, where you'll enjoy a stunning view of Wildwood Grove.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Acorns play a key role in Wildwood Grove and the forests of the Smoky Mountain region, and yet, most of us never stop to think about these essential little morsels. A top source of nutrition for the forest creatures portrayed at Wildwood Grove, acorns offer a tasty treat in the short-term, and eventually, become full-blown oak trees. First, however, they need to make the journey from the tree branches where they form to the forest floor. This journey is conveyed by Dollywood’s Treetop Tower ride, which is decidedly more gentle than the actual acorn experience.

The Treetop Tower’s cars are decorated like beautiful acorns. Before you enter the ride, take a moment to appreciate the ornate detailing. These acorn cars were hand-carved with love, as was the acorn that adorns the top of the ride. You’ll also notice fall foliage at the center of the ride, which is nearly as beautiful as the foliage you’ll observe from afar if you visit Dollywood during the autumn months.

Each of the ride’s cars accommodates multiple visitors. Small families can easily sit in private cars together. Technically, each gondola-style car can accommodate up to four adults, but typical riders will be more comfortable with children or in smaller groups.

Parents of young children are particularly fond of this ride, which appeals greatly to most youngsters. Both parents and caretakers can relax, knowing that the seatbelts and bars across the door and windows will keep children securely in the car throughout the duration of this adventure. The acorn cars reach impressive heights, but the ride itself is smooth — no bounces, dips, or swings, as are common with other Wildwood Grove rides. This is the perfect experience for those who struggle with sudden movements but aren’t particularly fearful of heights.

The most impressive aspect of the Treetop Tower is easily the view. From this vantage point, you can see Wildwood Grove’s most notable attractions, including, of course the iconic Wildwood Tree. Take it all in as you whirl around — such stunning views are worth savoring. Along the way, you’ll get ideas for which rides to tackle next. When you return to the forest floor, you’ll feel energized and excited to experience the best of Wildwood Grove.

Insider Tip

Treetop Tower tends to attract surprisingly long lines. These lines may stem, in part, from the ride’s convenient location near Wildwood Grove’s entrance. Avoid this ride around noon, when visitors en route from other sections of the park often enter Wildwood Grove — and immediately get in line for the Treetop Tower.

Keep an eye on the showtimes listed at the entertainment area near the Treetop Tower. If you time it just right, you could enjoy a portion of the show from the top of the tower. Otherwise, Dollywood’s shows make waiting in line a lot more entertaining.