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Frogs & Fireflies

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Frogs & Fireflies at Dollywood's Wildwood Grove: A Charming Ride For Young And Old
Written by: Vicky Reddish
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4 / 5
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Bounce your way through one of the most charming rides at Dollywood's Wildwood Grove. The Frogs & Fireflies aerial carousel offers accessible thrills in a family-friendly setting.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Sometimes, the simplest adventures are the most enjoyable. Such is the case on Frogs & Fireflies, which brings a new twist to a classic amusement park concept. This attraction may not be groundbreaking, but what it lacks in major thrills it makes up for in good old-fashioned fun. It’s ideal for youngsters looking to move up from the traditional merry-go-round to a slightly more ambitious ride — or for those who desire a break from Dollywood’s more intense offerings.

An aerial ride with the feel of a carousel, Frogs & Fireflies incorporates two critters that are rarely included in such attractions — but clearly should be! Amphibians are clearly the main attraction, as each car resembles a cute frog. Depending on current crowds (or the lack thereof) and the size of the riders, these cars could hold anywhere between two and four individuals. Duos of young children such as siblings or best friends are most likely to sit side by side. Steps make it easy for smaller riders to load the cars, while handlebars provide a greater sense of security. Larger riders may feel cozy, but should have no problem fitting comfortably on the ride’s bench seats.

After a quick explanation of the ride and basic instructions for participants, the fun begins. As the ride takes off, the frogs raise slightly before laying chase as they circle round and around — perhaps in an effort to reach the fireflies chilling just out of reach in the center. The frogs don’t merely circle, however — they bounce up and down! This bouncing is gentle to begin, but picks up quickly. After about a minute of excitement, the bouncing slows to a halt, with the frogs taking on a slower reverse bouncing motion as they come to a stop. Finally, they drop to their original position.

While the sounds of happy children shouting for joy dominate this ride, you may also observe lively bluegrass as your frog bounces around. This music captures the magic of Dollywood and may prove just as enjoyable as the ride itself.

No matter your age, you’ll enjoy the simple charms of the beloved Frogs & Fireflies ride. It may not be Dollywood’s most exciting attraction, but it’s certainly worth a try as you bounce around Wildwood Grove.

Insider Tips

Children adore Frogs & Fireflies, but it’s not an ideal option for those who get sick easily or are averse to rides with any element of intensity. Those who fear heights may also object to this ride, although heights are less evident here than on, for example, the Treetop Tower.

Capturing your child’s amusement park experience can prove surprisingly tricky on many Wildwood Grove rides. This is not the case on Frogs & Fireflies, which offers plenty of space for parents to spread out and snap photos. If your child is willing to ride alone, this may be your best option for capturing in-motion footage.