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Great Tree Swing

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Great Tree Swing: Taking a Classic Amusement Park Concept to New Heights
Written by: Vicky Reddish
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Take flight at the Great Tree Swing in Dollywood's Wildwood Grove. Although similar in many respects to conventional swinging pirate ship rides, this attraction takes a familiar concept to a new level by incorporating a charming autumn theme and reaching unexpected heights.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Dollywood’s Wildwood Grove offers unique takes on several familiar amusement park concepts while somehow managing to prevent traditional rides from feeling stale. Such is the case with the Great Tree Swing, which at first glance, might look like little more than a typical pirate ship ride. Take a closer look, however, and you’ll quickly discover that this swing offers so much more.

Above all else, the Great Tree Swing is designed to reflect the journey that a typical leaf might make during the autumn season as it travels from the branch of a tall tree to the forest floor. If you’ve ever observed leaves falling, you’ve probably noticed that they sway back and forth as they’re caught by the wind. This feeling forms the basis for each Great Tree Swing adventure. The ride’s lovely decorations help you keep this vision at the forefront throughout the entirety of this memorable experience. Note the resemblance between the Great Tree Swing and the massive tree at the heart of Wildwood Grove; according to Dollywood, the swing is “fashioned from the massive leaves and vines of The Wildwood Tree.”

Like many rides situated within Wildwood Grove, the Great Tree Swing offers an enjoyable experience for visitors of all ages. Thrill seekers will appreciate the moderate intensity of this experience, which, after a few gentle swings, ramps up significantly. Still, riders who typically avoid heights or extreme movements may be willing to give the swing a try. This is particularly true for children, who can find comfort in sitting close to loved ones on the ride’s bench seats. These seats can easily fit three people, but some riders may be more comfortable with just two. Many grab on for stability as they ride, but daring participants raise their hands to the sky to amp up the excitement.

The ultimate autumn experience awaits on the Great Tree Swing, which will grant you a whole new perspective of your favorite season. Set aside some time for a leafy journey that is sure to exceed expectations.

Insider Tips

Wait times vary for this ride, but its reasonably high capacity allows for a swifter than expected trip through the line.

It’s only natural to compare the Great Tree Swing to pirate ships at other parks. Before you enter, however, keep in mind that this particular ride reaches greater heights than most swinging pirate ships. Depending on your personal preferences, this may make the ride more or less desirable. Still, most people who enjoy pirate ships will also appreciate the Great Tree Swing.

If you prefer to keep the intensity level down on this ride, stick to the center of the ship. If, however, you’re on the hunt for greater thrills, opt for the back seats on either end. Midway through the ride, you’ll capture a split second of air time — typically out of reach on similar rides.