Appalachian Antique Mall

Appalachian Antique Mall – Three Full Floors of Treasures Set in Downtown Boone
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3.5 / 5
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When you want to hunt high and low for treasures, the Appalachian Antique Mall is the place to go in Boone, for sure. This three-story dwelling sits chockfull of items from yesteryear, including collectibles, home décor, tools, furniture, and so much more. Potentially offensive historical items end up here as well, however, since the owner simply rents out the booths spread out across the space.

- The Local Expert Team

Are you on the hunt for the perfect treasures to put on display forevermore? If so, you need to take a trip on over to the Appalachian Antique Mall in Boone, North Carolina. Across its three full stories, this building features tons of ancient artifacts from times long gone by. Collectibles and décor items fill out most of the space. But there’s always a wide range of items available, including video games, furniture, and everything in between.

The owner of the building rents out all the booths, so there’s no rhyme or reason to the placement of the items. Instead, you’ll find collections of different things here and there, adding to the feeling of being on a treasure hunt. Just take your time as you explore all the items on display, and you’ll be sure to find something that suits your fancy.

The building boasts a stunning 15,000 square feet of space overall. So, you can count on spending about two hours here on average. As you take in all the interesting sights before you, time will fly by, however. By the time you take a moment to check your watch, you’ll be shocked at how long you’ve spent exploring the treasure-filled floors.

You never truly know what you’re going to find when you come by, making it well worth a visit whenever you’re in town. In fact, something new comes through the doors practically every day. Oftentimes, full collections exit stage left as others move into the limelight for your consideration. So, be sure not to sleep on any items you spot, or you could end up finding them gone with the wind when you return.

Stop by in hopes of finding:

Clocks are a hot commodity at the antique mall, and for good reason. Their old-school charm is second to none. Plus, many are worth a pretty penny and are only going up in price through the years. You can find sweet grandfather clocks, cuckoo clocks, mantle clocks, alarm clocks, and even watches if you’re into that sort of thing.

Depression Glass
If you’re always searching for Depression glass to add to your collection, this is definitely the place to look. Only made between 1929 and 1939, the glassware comes in many gorgeous tones, including seashell pink, sky blue, and deep purple. Want to go even further into the past? Look for uranium glass, too, which glows bright green under UV light.

Are you looking for a great place to store all your baby blankets, photos, and other precious items? Just check out all the trunks available at this mall of treasures. Hope chests are all the rage, of course, but there are many other designs to consider as you search out the finest wares around.

Since the owner of the antique shop rents out the spaces, potentially offensive items come through the doors from time to time. Most notably, seemingly authentic Nazi vestiges, including documents, armbands, and the like, end up on display and for sale more often than not. Although highly offensive to many, the owner allows the sale of those items for historical purposes only.

Insider Tips:
-If you’re looking for something in particular, ask the owners to let you know if they see anything matching the description come through the doors.
-The booths are often too small to fully walk through. If you cannot get to an item, let the store owners know and they’ll help you out.
-Parking can prove challenging, especially on the weekends. Plan to feed the meter or pay to park nearby to avoid most of the trouble.
-Want the inside scoop on all the greatest things to land in the store? Just give them a call to inquire about the latest arrivals before stopping by.